June Gatherings

Hello Moon Mothers,

Hope you’re enjoying the late sunsets and all the flowers bursting into a symphony of color. 

We will gather for Full Moon Ceremony one week before the official Summer Solstice.  Four days later we will gather for SoulCollage in the Greenhouse.  Hope you can attend one or both of the events.

Details Below 

As our ancestral Grandmothers have done for generations, we will gather to strengthen each other through ritual, divine feminine connection, speaking our highest truth and creativity. Bring your journal.

(women who chose to be born in summer be prepared to give)

Please RSVP email 

Hope to see you in the Greenhouse Saturday Morning June 18th
RSVP email

May the light of the season inspire you.


Tamara Trejo


Many of you have asked; “what is Beltane and why a festival”?

Beltane is an ancient holiday that honors life. It represents the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. During this time, Earth energies are at their strongest and most active. All of life is bursting with potent fertility at this point in the Wheel of the Year.  The seeds have sprouted, buds are blooming and we Women of the Earth, gardeners, farmers and nursery caretakers pause to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Most cultures celebrate May first. Some call it May Day, Workers Day or Beltane.  We Moon Mothers honor the earth’s energy daily.  When this energy is at its strongest and most active, it’s time for a festival. Hope you can join us this Sunday as we celebrate Beltane with a Women’s Music Festival in our lush garden.

Details Below 

Enjoy lovely female musicians as you relax on the lawn and

celebrate Mother Earth’s bountiful beauty

Mother’s Day Weekend

 Experience a fun day of art among the flowers.

Join us for a colorful exhibit of Ellen Joseph’s coastal paintings and prints, as well as paintings from her time in Hawaii, British Columbia, Italy, France, Spain and Scotland.

Jennifer Clark will be displaying her nature-themed scarves and table runners that make great Mother’s Day gifts.

Full Moon SoulCollage

In this small circle we will create cards that speak of our highest,
truest most powerful self. 
Please RSVP email or text 650-303-5515

Hope you pause to smell the flowers.


Tamara Trejo

Art in action

Hello Moon Mothers,

Hope you’re experiencing the delightful wonders of Spring.

Today, I greeted the morning with a familiar childlike energy, feeling calmly excited and pleasantly inspired by the birth of Spring. Smelling the light of the Spring dew, I was astonished by the sprouting seeds sowed only a week ago. The baritone song of frogs calling for a mates made me giggle. My inner-child pondered, If seasons had professions, would Spring be an artist in action?

In keeping with the season we have three artful events planned for you in the upcoming weeks.  Hope you can join us.

Details Below 

In this circle we will explore the artist within.
Please RSVP email or text 650-303-5515

Peaceful easy feeling as you relax on the lawn and enjoy beautiful female musicians.

My good friend, teacher and Master Artist will exhibit her extraordinary painting Mother Day weekend.  Many originals will be for sale.  This is a rare opportunity.

Hope to see you at one or all of our events.

May your spirit align with the season to create beauty. 


Tamara Trejo

Vernal Equinox

Dear Moon Mothers,
Thank you all for showing up on this transitional weekend.

We held the plumb line steady as we crossed the threshold from winter full moon into bright spring time energy. 

Standing in divine power, we embodied contrasts, while not tipping the scales in either direction.

With balanced alignment between ingrained decorum and primal instincts, magical thinking and proven science, ease and effort, inward thought and outward celebration, we personified the Vernal Equinox

Through meditation and ancient ritual of gathering in divine feminine circle on full moon we connected to our spirit animals. 

Upon rising to illustrate our experience, magical orbs hovered closely overhead. (Notice turquoise light shaped in a circle.)


Magic or light refraction?  Can it be both?

Thirty six hours later we returned to our sacred space to welcome the larger community to the Spring Equinox Festival.

It was a beautiful mix of young and old, male and female, art and commerce. 

Yesterday I rested in silence, today I reflect and write about the rich moments experienced on the Vernal Equinox.

In this season of equal daylight and night time, may you be steady and balanced.


Tamara Trejo

Welcome Spring

Tulip and daffodil blossoms always make me smile.  They symbolize the threshold of Spring.  In a few weeks we will officially step into this glorious season.

In honor and celebration, we will gather for Full Moon Ceremony (women only) then two days later on the official Vernal Equinox, we will celebrate with a festival (fun for the whole family). Hope you can join us.

Details Below 

This ceremony is for vaccinated women only. 
We will gather at Moon Mothers Nursery
401 Prospect Way Half Moon Harbor
Suggested token of appreciation $30 
Please RSVP soon to reserve your spot.
email or text 650-303-5515

This is a free event. Bring your friends and family to celebrate the first day of Spring at the Nursery.  Wear some flowers in your hair. It’s going to be fun.

I am excited by the coming of spring

Tamara Trejo


On this first new moon of the year, I can feel the potency of this week.  Chinese New Year, Imbolc, and Ground Hogs day all occur in the next few days.  At this midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, earth energy is rising in all living beings. 

Yesterday, we Moon Mothers began our

celebration of this auspicious week with

an intimate drum circle in the Greenhouse. 

Drum Priestess DiOnne

May your spirit be filled with celebratory energy this week.  

February Offerings 

This spacious class is limited to 8 women. 
Please RSVP soon to reserve your spot.
email or text 650-303-5515

RSVP email or text (650) 303-5515

Save the date details coming soon

Full Moon Ceremony Friday March 18th 7pm at the Nursery

Vernal Equinox Festival Sunday March 20th 10am ~ 4pm

I am excited by the coming of spring

Tamara Trejo

2022 Year of infinite Potential

Hello Ladies, Happy New Year.

At first light, I woke with enthusiasm to engage in my New Year’s Day ritual. I retrieved a big bag of tulip bulbs from the bottom drawer of refrigerator and headed to the Nursery.  The Nursery still closed to the public for winter rest, gave me alone time to engage in Spirit Planting.  

On this sunny warm morning, I poured the bag of plump tulip bulbs on my work table and felt excited for the pure potentiality of the New Year. Filled with gratitude as I filled each terra-cotta pot with rich soil.  With each healthy embryonic tulip I tucked in, I whispered the name of each person in my life and sent wishes and positive energy for their well being.  Yes, you were all included, individually or collectively.  Quietly I gave thanks to the universe for all that I have and for all goodness coming in 2022.

Once all the pots were completed, I carried the bag of flower potential to the edge of the nursery and continued planting seeds of hope. I became more sensitive to each bulb with a heightened awareness of its life energy. The gratitude and well wishes I sent out began to boomerang back and fill me with a deep sense of contentment and a profound knowing.

This harbor land on Prospect Way grows much more than plants.  It’s a place for dreams to sprout into action, contentment of art to be felt and created, a place for your inner child to be barefoot on the lawn and deeply inhabit your body.  This is where earth wisdom resides.  It’s my job to care for this safe harbor nursery and provide you with space to connect with your best self. 

We will reopen the Nursery to the public on Saturday January 15th. Our first gathering will be Spirit~Quest Collage Circle on Saturday January 22nd 10:30am to 1pm. Women’s Yoga in the Greenhouse will resume on Wednesday Jan 26th. Hope you can attend.  Details below.

I’ve practiced this New Year Ritual for years and by way of imagery I’ve intuitively manifested Moon Mothers Nursery and much more.  I am excited to share this yearly custom with you.

Space is limited for this small gathering,
please RSVP LINK soon to reserve your spot.

First class free Please RSVP email or text 650-303-5515

Happy New Year It’s going to be a good one.

Tamara Trejo

November 2021

Hello Ladies,

Hope you are well. As I cut back the summer blooming plants and tuck them in for winter rest, I marvel at the budding winter crop just beginning to blossom. My silent nursery companions excite my spirit to celebrate this midpoint between autumn and winter.   

In these next few weeks, at the nursery, there will be an Artist Showcase, Poetry book launch, Dance Party, Holiday Wreath Making Workshop and Holiday Art Faire.   

Hope you can attend all or some of our final events.  Details below.  

Open Studio
Artists Jennifer Clark, Susan Freedman and Julie Buelteman Saturday November 13th & Sunday November 14th 10am~4pm

Caroline Goodwin Poetry Book Launch
Saturday November 20th 1 ~ 3pm

Dance Party on the lawn in Greenhouse
Saturday Nov. 20th 4 ~ 6pm

Holiday Wreath Making Workshop
Friday November 26th 10:30am ~ 1pm

This workshop is full.

Holiday Art Faire
Saturday November 27th. Sunday November 28th 10am ~ 4pm

After the Holiday Art Faire I will close the Nursery for a 6 week Winter rest. Please show your support by showing up. 

Tamara Trejo


Hello Ladies Happy October,

Hope you all are enjoying pumpkin season.  At the Nursery we have been applauding the arts, (Jennifer Berezan’s concert) loving each other, and taking the season of balance literally by having fun with gourds.  

It’s time to gather one last time this year for a SoulCollage circle.  Hope you can attend.

RSVP LINK or Text 650-303-5515
Must be vaccinated to attend this circle

Our ongoing Yoga on the grass in the greenhouse will be coming to an end on November 18th.  Hope you can join us this year.

RSVP email link or text 650-303-5515
Must be vaccinated to attend.

At the end of the day November 27th I will turn toward home and close the Nursery for winter rest. In the meantime, we have a lot of wonderful events planned.  Below is the list so you can save the dates.  More details coming soon.

November Events

Women’s Drum Circle
Drum Priestess DiOnne  
Thursday November 4th 4:30pm
Open Studio
Artists Jennifer Clark, Susan Freedman and Julie Buelteman Saturday November 13th & Sunday November 14th 11am~3pm
Caroline Goodwin Poetry Book Launch
Saturday November 20th 1 ~ 3pm 
Holiday Wreath Making Workshop
Friday November 26th 10:30am ~ 1pm
Holiday Art Faire
Saturday November 27th. Sunday November 28th 10am ~ 4pm

Hope to see you in the greenhouse.
Take good care of yourself, and
get vaccinated

Tamara Trejo

Jennifer Berezan Concert

I am excited to announce Jennifer Berezan,
concert in the Greenhouse at Moon Mothers Nursery
Sunday October 3rd Noon. 

Jennifer Berezan is a unique blend of singer/ songwriter, producer, and activist. Over the course of ten albums, she has developed and explored recurring themes with a rare wisdom. Her lifelong involvement in environmental, women’s, and other justice movements as well as an interest in Buddhism and earth-based spirituality are at the heart of her writing.            Many of you are very familiar with Jennifer’s soul nourishing music.  If you have ever spent time browsing in the nursery, you’ve heard her songs. When I arrive at the Nursery, I open the gate then turn on her music to start my day.  She is the essence of why I created this sacred space. 
 Ticket link 
Must be vaccinated to attend this event

 Hope to see you in the greenhouse.
Take good care of yourself, and
get vaccinated!

Tamara Trejo

Harvest Moon

What is the boldest thing you have ever done?

What bold step are you about to take? 

Are you brave enough to veer off your comfortable predictable path and venture down an unknown course?

Can you blindly trust the assistance of a wise woman to lead you to the precipice of a new environment? 

Can you trust yourself to lead?

On the Harvest Moon we Moon Mothers gathered at the Nursery to dedicate our full moon, initiation ceremony to Freyja, the Nordic earth Goddess of boldness fertility and celebration. By way of ritual we answered the above questions physically and orally.

In unfamiliar pairs, one woman chose to be blind, one chose to lead. Each trusting that they would easily make it through the light traffic down the street to the cliff above the beach where the ceremony would continue.

Once re-circled in the sand, Kellie taught the Goddess March song, We all come from the Goddess.  Keeping the rhythm and chanting, we marched (swayed) to the ocean. At waters edge the women showed their boldness.  Most walked into the water calf deep, blew the conch or kept the chant going.  A few BOLD women jumped right in.  As I witnessed their bold courage I was astonished.  Their action emboldened the others to do the same.  The nearby sea lions howled, Moon Mothers cheered joyously for the bold swimmers, conch trumpets rang out in exaltation as we celebrated the moment.

Settled by the fire, it was time to dive deep into circle speak. Trusting that the Moon Mothers would not be judged, each one revealed the boldest thing they had ever done. There’s a thin line between foolishness and boldness.  We held loving sacred space for each woman to speak.  Some spoke of bold steps they want to take. Speaking it gave them energy and courage to be bold and take the leap. Others revealed bold actions that inspired.

 I spoke last, which is customary. I told the story of what happened 5 years ago, in Hawaii, the morning after swimming with wild dolphins.  As most of you know I was a successful professional photographer for many years.  I owned my own studio, had employees, loved my work and never imagined leaving that profession.  On that morning I woke at dawn with a deep knowing that I was done with photography as a profession.  I told my husband Grant to sell the studio.  I would not work another day at Coastside Photography, (the name of my company).  He replied “You need to see a doctor you must be going through some kind of mental pause.”  I found his response funny but I knew on a cellular level that I was done.  When I returned home I cancelled my appointments, disconnected my phone and retreated to my backyard. 

With too much energy to settle into retirement, I settled into the unknowing.  Sitting in limbo was uncomfortable and not without lots tears.  Well, I wasn’t literally sitting, I dug up my backyard, moved trees, and planted a new landscape.  As I dug in the earth I kept asking myself, what makes me happy? Of course, leading the Moon Mothers in full moon ceremony filled my soul. We Moon Mothers had been a nomadic tribe for 8 years.  

Early one spring morning, I dug a hole to plant comfrey near an apple tree so the little plant could feed the big apple tree.  As my garden boot hit the shovel, I got it! My next step was to find a permanent home for the Moon Mothers.  In that moment, Moon Mothers Nursery was conceived. 

 “When you come to the edge of all that you know, you must believe one of two things: either there will be ground to stand on, or you will be given wings to fly.”

 O.R. Mellings

If you’re unfamiliar with Moon Mothers home check out our website.  www.moonmothersnursery.com

Harvest Moon was the last full moon ceremony of the year.  We will gather the women for other soul nourishing events in October and November, stay tuned.


Tamara Trejo

P.S. Thank you Linda B Joy & Linda Crose-Andersen for cleaning the beach and all your work. Thank you Lorna Rodriguez-Wong for making delicious food to ground and nourish us after ceremony. Thank you Linda B Joy and Shannan Riley Gotschall for the fine photography.

Autumnal Equinox

We are on the cusp of the Fall Equinox.  Autumn in Half Moon Bay is absolutely gorgeous. The land is turning orange with ripening pumpkins, the ocean is receding to minus tides at sunset and the fog is disappearing to give way to specular (i.e., the perfect light for photography) warm day light. This is the a time of balance, harvest and celebration.

Equinox Gatherings

Saturday September 18th Vision Quest
Sunday September 19th Spiral Muse Band (free Concert)
Monday September 20th Full Moon Ceremony
Wednesday September 22nd  Equinox Yoga 

Details Below 

RSVP Link Must be vaccinated to attend this event.

No RSVP necessary. 
Enjoy music on the lawn, bring the family and a picnic.
Must be vaccinated for greenhouse seating.

On this harvest moon Initiation Ceremony, we will honor our boldness and strengthen our trust in our selves and each other.

Expression of appreciation $ graciously accepted.
RSVP email or text 650-303-5515

The exact time of the Autumnal Equinox is 12:20pm 9-22-21  Best place to be, Moon Mothers Greenhouse. Best thing to be be doing Shavasana (rest pose)  That’s what we will be doing at the end of a spiritual yoga practice.  Hope you can join us as we go through the sacred Equinox portal.

Space is limited.  Please RSVP text 650-303-5515 or email link

Hope to see you soon.
Take good care of yourself,
get vaccinated.

Tamara Trejo

Artemis Transformation

Sister Twin,

Born of the Gods,

Gifted athlete, midwife, unerring archer, competitive, yet vain.

Tricked by her twin brother Apollo into killing her only true love Orion,

She was transformed.

Broken hearted, in a deep state of mourning,

She left her family and journeyed into the wilderness,

Amongst the tender embrace of the trees, 

She lost her selfish competitive vanity and surrendered her ego,

Under the canopy she found empathy and ease,

A deeply rooted connection to her new family of feminine wood nymphs.

On clear nights she would lay on her back, gaze at the night sky, and connect with her true love Orion, who she had transformed into a star constellation.


Forever a maiden, 

Protector of the weak, 

Wisdom of the crone.

full moon ceremony 8-22-2021 dedicated to Artemis

Me Day

The other day I shunned my home, family and business responsibilities for a “Me Day“.  On that day, my attention was centered on self care.  I had a pedicure, massage, and shopped for personal essentials.  Then I stretched out on the lawn, relaxed and meditated.  That day I catered to my needs only.  A day of personal care put a giggle in my attitude and filled my energy reservoir. We all need a little “Me time” to clear any blocked energy and recharge so that we can be of good service in the world.

This week we have three “Me Time” events planned.  Hope you can take some self-nurturing time, to make your soul take flight and spirit fly.

Me Time Gatherings

Wednesday’s beginning August 18th Yoga in the Greenhouse 
Saturday August 21st Vision Quest
Sunday August 22nd Full Moon Ceremony

These gathering are open to all vaccinated women

Details Below 

 First class free to new students. RSVP text 650-303-5515 or email

RSVP email

By way of modern-ancient ritual we will strengthen the teacher-protector part of our selves. RSVP email or text 650-303-5515  

Hope to see you soon.
Take good care of yourself,
get vaccinated.

Tamara Trejo

August 2021

Hello Moon Mothers,

Hope you’re having a blissful summer and returning to social activities that bring you joy. Our open air, lush garden is open to the public and everyone is welcome: however you must be vaccinated to attend gatherings in the Greenhouse.

Thirteen full moons have past since our last full moon ceremony.  It’s time to gather again to honor our divine feminine selves.  Thank you Linda for stepping up to help with the ceremony.  On Sunday August 22nd. 7pm we will gather in the Greenhouse to honor Artemis, the goddess of protection and light. 

Mark your calendar, we have a lot of soul nourishing events planned this month.  

Upcoming events

Saturday August 7th SoulCollage Circle
Sunday August 8th Women’s Drum Circle
Sunday August 15th Lavender Distillation demonstration
Wednesday’s beginning August 18th Yoga in the Greenhouse 
Saturday August 21st Vision Quest
Sunday August 22nd Full Moon Ceremony

You must me vaccinated to attend circles in the Greenhouse

RSVP email or text 650-303-5515  Pay online link

No RSVP necessary, just come and see the ancient method of distilling fresh lavender into essential oil.


First class free to new students. RSVP text 650-303-5515 or email

RSVP email

 By way of modern-ancient ritual we will strengthen the teacher-protector part of our selves. RSVP email or text 650-303-5515  

Hope to see you soon.
Take good care of yourself,
get vaccinated.

Tamara Trejo


High Summer

Hello Moon Mothers,

After 8 years of leading the Moon Mothers as a nomadic tribe, I found a permanent home for us to put down roots and grow.  Three years ago this month I opened Moon Mothers Nursery and literally began growing. Our offerings now include, New Moon Ceremonies, Art Classes, Retreats, Concerts, Yoga, Fire Dance and even Pop-Up shops in support of local artists. 

Now that we have all been vaccinated against COVID it’s time to return to Full Moon Ceremonies.  But in order for me to return to my practice of gathering the women in honor of the Goddesses on full moon, I need help.  Running the Nursery and orchestrating the many other Moon Mother offerings requires so much of my energy.  If your interested in helping me with full moon ceremonies please email me.

Mark your calendar for our upcoming events.
Saturday July 31st Pop-Up Shop
Saturday August 7th SoulCollage Circle
Sunday August 8th Women’s Drum Circle
Details Below 

You must me vaccinated to attend circles in the Greenhouse
Space is limited so please RSVP email link or text 650-303-5515 Pay online link

RSVP email or text 650-303-5515  Pay online link

Hope to see you soon.
Take good care of yourself,
get vaccinated.


Tamara Trejo

Tamara Trejo



Saturday Morning Vision Quest

RSVP is a must for this event, space is limited. RSVP LINK

Summer Solstice

Hello Moon Mothers,

You’re invited to celebrate Summer Solstice with us.  We have two events planned in honor of the solstice, an inward soul journey and an outward spirited celebration.  You’re welcome to join us for one or both events. Also the ongoing Yoga in the Greenhouse class is coming to an end for the summer on June 23rd.  If you’ve been meaning to experience yoga on the lawn now is the time. Details below.

Yoga in the Greenhouse
Mindful Gentle Stretch
with Jessica Archer
Wednesdays 11am – 12:30am

“Jessica (Young Wise One) is the best yoga instructor I have ever experienced.  You will leave class feeling refreshed, lighter, stronger, more limber, and enlightened.” Tamara Trejo

Cost $30   please RSVP   or text 650-303-5515

Backbend not required.  That’s me just showing off for the camera at full moon yoga gathering.

Summer Solstice Vision Quest
with Amy Sullivan Saturday June 19th. 10:30am to 1pm

RSVP is a must for this gathering RSVP LINK 

Summer Solstice Festival Sunday June 20th. 10am ~ 4pm 

This family friendly event falls on Father’s Day.  Come celebrate in our lush garden and enjoy art, music and fun activities.  We will ring in the Solstice at 3pm with a drum circle led by Drum Priestess Di Onne. Bring your drum or rattle, we have a few drums to loan.

Hope to see you soon.
Take good care of yourself, get vaccinated.

Tamara Trejo

Full Moon Yoga

Hello Moon Mothers,

The other day, I witnessed goose bumps and eyes filled with tears after Karin’s question was answered.  We sat to begin our yoga practice, Karin raised her hand and asked if we really needed to wear masks.  I saw Young Wise One Jessica hesitate, so I replied, is there anyone here who has not been vaccinated.  It was a resounding NO. Everyone had been vaccinated so off with the masks.  Oh it felt so good to practice yoga on the lawn without a mask.

Next Wednesday May 26th is full moon.  We will not gather for ceremony but I invite you to join us for yoga in the Greenhouse 11am. 

Yoga in the Greenhouse
Mindful Gentle Stretch
with Jessica Archer
Wednesdays 11am – 12:30am

“Jessica (Young Wise One) is the best yoga instructor I have ever experienced.  You will leave class feeling refreshed, lighter, stronger, more limber, and enlightened.” Tamara Trejo

Cost $30   please RSVP   or text 650-303-5515    Pay on line link

That’s me standing on my head with Jessica’s assistance.  It’s not part of our normal practice but it was thrilling. Wednesday’s Full Moon Yoga will be a treat for your body and soul.  Hope you can join us. 

Pop~Up Shop
Alicia Vargas of Sunari Lifestyle
Saturday May 29th 10:00AM ~ 4:00PM 

Take good care of yourself, get vaccinated.
See you soon,


Tamara Trejo

Yoga in the Greenhouse

Yoga in the Greenhouse
Mindful Gentle Stretch
with Jessica Archer
Wednesdays 11am – 12:30am
“Jessica is the best yoga instructor I have ever experienced.  You will leave class feeling refreshed, lighter, stronger, more limber, and enlightened.” Tamara Trejo
 This circle is limited to 6 women   
$30 please RSVP  or text 650-303-5515

Must RSVP for this gathering. email or text 650-303-5515


August full moon, I sent an invitation to a solitary personal ceremony, connecting with the living Goddess, Mother Earth. Invitation link  

Below are the experiences of three women who at the same time separately connected deeply to the Mother of us all.


Linda B Joy

I very much missed the energy of the circle gathering and routine of ritual but did my best to persevere.

Goddess Terra had a message for me:

My breathing is in sync with the tides of the ocean, the waves lapping toward shore

In and out ~ In and out

Cradled in warmth, a loving embrace from Mother

I feel mist. I smell candle wax. I hear the buzzing of the powerlines and the hum of the planet. The creak of a tree.

Mother will you see us through the COVID?

Are you healing as we dry up like a shriveled leaf and return to dirt?

What message do you have for me Goddess Terra?

Feel how you are less stressed? How simplifying and slowing down your life pace has you reconnected and appreciative of life. This life is a way for your soul to experience living. Let go of stress. Be joy. Have joy. Experience joy and abundance through your connection and experience with me (nature).

Thank you living Goddess Mother Earth

Linda B Joy




I connect to the earth and feel the all-encompassing compassion.

The age of the earth, so apparent in the granite boulders that surround me.

Her ancient wisdom beckons me and I open myself in awe.

The energy flows and I feel myself melting into the boulder that I rest upon.

Our molecular structures merge and I become aware of the vast spaces that make up our atoms.

I ask her about my future, and her loving voice tells me that though there are challenges,

with her strength and love flowing through me, I too can be strong and loving.

I too can be compassionate.

kelly H

Kelly H

There is nothing like the pure blissfulness of being soothed by the love of our greatest mother.

I cherish being healed of worry by the wonderful magic of her nourishing sunlight.  I Joyfully celebrate the chirping sounds of birds singing as they dance in her sky.  I respect the earth scent that tickles my nose as her sweet-smelling fragrances wash over me.  I thirst fully drink up the abundance of her calming beauty that envelopes my being.  I can always turn up to her for a divine faithful source of inspiration and creativity.  She nurtures me without fail.  Her passionate energy rises thru me as I reawaken.  My deep breathes slowly mirror her deep truths inside the ground, the sky and me, as I heal.

Beautiful ladies, thank you for sharing your experience.

I wonder if the Moon Mothers tribe will feel safe gathering at the beach for Harvest Moon September 1st.?  Drop me an email to let me know your feelings about gathering at the beach.  email

Stay safe.



Tamara Trejo



August Full Moon

mawu 2020

Due to the Corona virus, we will not gather for full Moon Ceremony this August. Connecting to Mawu is impossible via Zoom.  Instead, I invite you to create your own personal ceremony to connect with the living Goddess that goes by many names; Gaia, Terra, Mawu, Mother Earth.  We will be energetically tethered together as we engage in personal ritual.  Below is a suggested ritual sequence but feel free to honor Mother in any way that feels comfortable to you.

The full moon is Monday, August 3rd at 8:58am  Moon Mothers tradition is to begin ceremony shortly before sunset on the day of the full moon;  sunset time that day is 8:16pm.

Create a sacred space for yourself outside; close to Mother Earth.  Bring everything you need to be comfortable in your ceremonial space; blankets, sage or incense, candle, headlight, writing journal, water.

Clear your sacred space by burning sage, turn your attention and body to feel the energy of the 7 directions. Silently call in your ancestors and guides to be with you in this time of solitary ceremony as you honor and connect with the living goddess Mother Earth.

Lay yourself down on Mother Earth, get comfortable with blankets and pillow, close your eyes and turn your attention to your breath.  Feel your connection to Mother through your back body and begin to slowly trace your breath from your feet to your crown.  If your mind starts to wonder return to your full body breath, deepening your connection to Mother.  In your minds eye, see your invisible roots from your back body extending down into Mother Earth as you connect to her subtle healing vibration. Notice any body sensations or images that come to you. Stay in this position as long as it feels comfortable.

Slowly turn onto your left side, stretch and return to your full body breath. Visualize your side body roots growing down into Mother Earth.  Ask Mother any questions.  

When you are ready, turn onto your tummy and let your heart connect with Mother Goddess Earth.  Feel your heart beat with hers, breath, notice and feel.  

When you are ready, turn onto your right side, stretch, then snuggle into the fetal position. Rest as long as you need before slowly returning to a sitting position.

While still in this grounded state begin a stream of consciousness writing.  Don’t worry about spelling punctuation , etc., just let your words flow onto the paper.  

Close your solo ceremony by releasing the ancestors and guides you called to be with you.  

Call down the moon.

Will you share your experience with us on our blog?  It is way of being heard and inspire others.  Kind of like in circle speak, but a larger audience.  Even if you created your own Mother Earth ritual we still want to hear about your experience? How do you honor and connect with Goddess Mother Earth?

Just email your writing along with a portrait of yourself.  Writing should be less than three hundred words.  I’ll publish the submissions two days after full moon.

Take good care of yourself,


Tamara Trejo


In celebration of Independence Day I posed 3 questions to the Moon Mothers.  What do you stand for?  Who do you stand up for? Whose shoulders do you stand upon?  Five brave woman chose to step up and make their answers public.

American Goddess 01

Anne Turley

What do I stand for?  Truth.  I am a spiritual warrior for truth.

Who do you stand up for?  Women and people of color.  Until all are free, none are free.

Whose shoulders do you stand upon?  Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Tamara Trejo, Julia Tindall, Peter McKenna, Louisa Frost, Sallie Knerr, Cherrie Cooper, Lisa Cooper, Robyn Hamilton, Jan King, George Merkert.
That is a long list, I know.  These people have given me vision, courage, forgiveness, welcome, support and adventure.  Without several of them, I would not be alive.  Without others, I wouldn’t understand.  All of them have brought greater love into my life.


Linda B Joy

Linda B Joy

I find myself with opportunities to standup and examine my truth and some times I don’t even know what my truth is.

I stand for love and happiness, but that sounds trite and cliche. There is so much more I could do. Becoming aware of my own unconscious bias seems a small step.

If I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors, I would be upholding ignorance. The seeds of change are rooted in my children; they teach me so much about injustices and why it matters. I stand for peace and equality.



Shannan Gotchall

I stand for giving space for others to embrace and explore their true self. I stand for empowering people of all ages to be their authentic self. I stand for children learning to be part of their Village. I stand for the Golden Rule.

Who do I stand for? Animals and children. That child that is bullied or pressured by their peer because they’re different and unique. Teaching and modeling how to stand up for each other, creatures and animals of all sizes. Teaching young ones to care for all living things. I stand up for Mother Earth.
Whose shoulders do I stand upon? My mentors shoulders have held me up. Friends and former bosses have witnessed my growth in life along with my career and shown me how to empower others. The new teachers who are learning their own style. My mentors have each created space for me to do what I do, shine brightly. They modeled how to shine as my authentic self and to trust that most people are doing their best.



I stand for all my family members, my heritage and our traditions & values which must be carried-on as our bloodline continues.

I stand up for those that need to understand their inherent value is equal to all others.  No matter size, shape, race, sex or color you come into this world with, you are valuable and important.

“Within the Ocean there are countless Individual waves.  These waves rise & fall all the time, day in and day out.  While each wave is unique in many ways from the others they all arise from the same ocean.  They are all unique, beautiful & they are each equal in value to the others”

I stand upon the shoulders of: •my dear & close Friends who provide me with alternative view points, offer insights and show that they value my opinions and feelings. •my parents who I believe did a hell of a good job raising me and have become invaluable as they continue to hold a safe space allowing me to share and bare my soul without concern of any Ridicule or closed minded negative Reaction.


Tamara Trejo

I stand for Mother Earth; Protecting our ground water and oceans from pollution,  creating natural sacred space and the resurrection of the divine feminine Goddess.


I stand up for Workers; independent small farmers, young entrepreneurs, small local businesses and artists making their way in the world.  I do this by providing space for them to sell their products and purchasing their wares.

I stand upon the shoulders of Grant Walters.  No one has ever in my life treated me nicer than he does.  I also stand upon the shoulders of my brave great~grandmother Nora Selston.  She was eight months pregnant when she embarked on a sea voyage to America to make a better life for her family.  She gave birth to my grandmother on the ship in route to the new land.  I never met her, but her fierce DNA resides in me.

It’s always good to know where you stand.

Tamara Trejo


Hello Ladies,

I have a three questions for you.  What do you stand for?  Who do you standup for?  Who’s shoulders do you stand upon? Good questions to ponder this Independence Day Full Moon. In circle we’ve honestly answered these questions out loud many times and our personal answers change from year to year as we grow and change. Being witnessed as we speak our truths is so powerful, it brings strength to our personal knowingness and convictions to our action.

We will not gather on July 4th full moon, but your voice can still be heard by a broader audience.  I’ll post your answers on our blog along with your picture.  Now more than ever it’s time for us to show up with a fiercely peaceful messages of the divine feminine.

Your input is very important to me and will strengthen our tribe. Here’s a link for your response email 

Sonya Jason is hosting a Zoom full moon ceremony, Saturday July 4th. 5:30pm to 7pm

Take good care of yourself.


Tamara Trejo

Summer Solstice Stillness

If you’ve felt a slowing of energy in the last few days, it’s perfectly natural. Sensitive souls feel Mother Earth’s Solstice pause, as she slowly turns on her axis to begin the  journey to Winter Solstice.

Summer Solstice 2020 was widely observed on Saturday June 20th, but in actuality, the Solstice pause began Friday June 19th and lasted for 4 days. Today was the first day we’ve experienced one less minute of daylight.

On Saturday, in celebration of the official Summer Solstice, I converted the nursery greenhouse into a prayer~flag art studio. The first two people to arrive were young men. This was the first time I’ve ever accepted the masculine into a Moon Mothers event. It was beautiful! I loved witnessing the divine masculine stitch gratitude and healing intentions into their prayer flag creations.

Over the last few days, I have not been compelled to do my normal busy plant care at the nursery. I can’t help but simply bask in the incredible silent beauty of the bright summer flower blossoms and healthy green leaves. In those still moments of communing with the plants… I feel true contentment in knowing that I’m in alignment with the rhythm of Mother Earth.



Tamara Trejo





Summer Solstice Celebration

You’re invited to Summer Solstice Celebration
Saturday June 20th 11am to 3pm
Moon Mothers Nursery
401 Prospect Way Half Moon Bay Harbor

This creative celebration of high summer will span 4 hours, so we will not all be together at the same time. We will practice covid precaution by being outside and social distancing, hence the 4 hour time span.  Come anytime between 11am & 3pm. Individually we will create a prayer flag and weave it onto new strand that will unite our tribe in prayers for our country and the world.

Last week I made a double sided demonstration sign and stood with hundreds of Coastsiders in a peaceful demonstration of Black Lives Matter to protest George Floyd’s murder.  Also, I painted a BLM rock for our labyrinth before the full moon ceremony.


Now, it’s time to create messages of peace and healing that will silently speak tranquility.

All prayer flag materials will be provided.  Your welcome to bring your own needle and thread if your compelled to embroider your flag or stitch the edges.

Looking forward to creating and stringing prayer~peace flags with you on Summer Solstice.


Tamara Trejo
P.S. We will not gather on July 4th full Moon.


Hecate Time

Cloaked in a long black hooded cape and holding a crescent moon shaped sickle, she is to be revered, not feared or confused with the Grim Reaper.  Hecate, the dark Goddess of wisdom and intuition, is a way shower. She stands silently at the crossroads of life, holding two torches to light both directions, to assist one in seeing through illusions and proceed down the right path.  Her spirit is strongest at midnight and twilight, when the veil between the worlds are the thinnest.  She stood at the gate of Hades, alerting Persephone’s mother of her whereabouts.  She is a helper and will assist all that call upon her.

After sheltering in place for two full moons and gathering remotely via Zoom, I felt a strong desire to gather the women in person for the June full moon ceremony.  I had a feeling of boldness and fear.  My intuition informed me that it would be alright.  As circle leader, I needed to be cautious and gathering in person might be reckless.  At this crossroads decision time, my intuitive spirit of Hecate informed me it was time to reunite the women in person.  I send out the invitation with cautionary guidelines.

On the full moon, the helpers showed up.  Unannounced, Ginni (Fire Goddess) showed up early to create a strong fire. Kellie showed up to lead the drum rhythm and Hecate invoking chant.  Five other brave ladies arrived and we cast our divine circle.  Heeding scientific health guidelines we gathered outside, wore masks, held silk scarves to connect our circle and there was plenty of hand sanitizer.  Adding this foreign health protocol we proceeded down the path of traditional Moon Mother ceremony ritual.  As we walked the labyrinth, chanting the Hecate invocation to a steady drum beat we found clarity in this historic crucial decision time.

Be well and enjoy summer.



Tamara Trejo


June Full Moon Ceremony

You’re invited to full moon ceremony at the Nursery.  Yes, we will physically gather in person this month.  Of course we will practice covid precaution by being outside and not hold hands (social distancing)

Don your mask and take yourself on a mystical date under the June full moon.

Friday, June 5th 8pm ~ Full Moon Ceremony
Moon Mothers Nursery 401 Prospect Way
Half Moon Bay Harbor
Dedicated to Hecate
Greek Goddess of Magic.


She stands bearing light at the dark crossroads of life.

On this night we will invoke the clarity of Hecate. Through walking labyrinth meditation, drumming and ancient ritual, we will keenly connect to the wisdom of Hecate.

Please bring, blanket, drum, rattle or some kind of rhythm maker.

I feel that it is wise to limit this gathering to 12 ladies.  Please RSVP soon via email or text 650-303-5515  As normal there will be a Expression of Appreciation donation box (suggested $20 to $50)

Looking forward to seeing you.



Tamara Trejo

New Moon Drum Circle

You’re invited to New Moon Drum Circle
via Zoom Friday May 22nd. 7:30pm
Dedicated to Healing our Planet

Facilitated by Drum Priestess DiOnne

This month for the New Moon in Gemini ♊️ DiOnne will be drumming the sound of a Lone Wolf, broadcasting live and loud, from Moon Mother’s Nursery.

Drawn to the wisdom of our ancestors who used the drum as a sacred instrument, We will join together via Zoom to invoke healing for Mother Earth and all Her beings. Come with your prayers in celebration of Mother Earth’s majesty and the New Moon in Gemini.If you’ve never used Zoom before, it’s super easy! You can log on from your computer or smart phone. You don’t have to join Zoom to join a meeting, but you may have to download a bit of software or an app.

To join the meeting, just click on this link: Zoom Meeting Link  If you use link you shouldn’t need a password.  To avoid any confusion here’s the password. 832645 and the meeting number is 843 3877 5517

Gather your drum, rattle or other rhythm maker and join us on the New Moon Friday May 22nd 7:30pm

Be well.

Tamara Trejo

Wisdom Wands

One of the best things about our Zoom full moon ceremony is that Moon Mothers from hundreds of miles away, were able to join us.  

It was a wonderful surprise when Heather logged in from Maine.  She moved away a few years ago and we missed her dearly.  She was sitting outside, lit by candle and moon light.  We began out gathering at 7:30pm pacific time, a half hour before sunset and the moon was still below the horizon.  It was 10:30pm on the East Coast.  She panned the camera to show us mother moon in all her super full moon brilliance.  It was a lovely little time travel.

On this night we dedicated our ceremony to the Goddess Ixchell, Mayan Medicine woman.  read more about Ixchell  Our healing medicine work had begun days before our full moon cyber circle;  When each Moon Mother foraged for the perfect stick, branch or root for the armature of her Wisdom Wand. I love how our creative tribe thinks out of the box.  Caroline chose a root and Shannan choose a sinuous willow branch.  The invocation fabrics were just as creative, Heather used pieces of her wedding dress and Lorna used pieces of her hippy blouse from the 1970s, Danielle used flower vines from her sacred garden and Kimberly ( who doesn’t live on the coast) used seashells from her visit to Half Moon Bay.

During our time together we finished our wands. We wound our armatures with fabric and string as we recited healing words, that raised our collective energy and sent a message of well being to the universal mind.  We all spoke at the same time creating a cacophony of healing sound.  Interesting how one voice would rise with clear strength and then fade back into the many, then another would ring with clarity.  Our unrehearsed words wove together into a symphony of the highest vibration of a healed planet, gratitude and personal power.  Our voices rang out, on line, across the planet and into the universal Goddess field.

Our wands hold the power of intention, created in high personal and collective vibrational energy.  Below are a few pictures of the Wisdom Wand Talismans we created. 

Below is a video of our closing song, sung by Danielle Kane.

We Moon Mothers will always find a way to gather and celebrate the divine feminine.

If your inclined to create your own wisdom wand here’s a link to an instructional video I created.  Wisdom Wand video

Be well


Tamara Trejo

May Full Moon Gathering

You are invited Women’s Full moon ceremony
via Zoom Thursday May 7th. 7:30pm
Dedicated to Goddess Ixchell, Mayan medicine woman

On this night, we will finish our new 2020 Wisdom Wands.   Please begin making your wisdom wand before joining the Zoom circle.  Here’s a link to an instructional video I created to help you begin your wisdom wand.  Video Link

Goddess Ixchell is a wise medicine woman, midwife and weaver.  In her honor we will weave our healing vibrations into a Wisdom Wand talisman and connect with the universal field that is birthing a healthy planet of vitality and cooperation. Your wisdom wand will hold your personal power essence and you will connect in gratitude for the new healthy, peaceful chapter our planet is experiencing.

As good world citizens, we are complying with all efforts to stop the virus by not physically gathering in our traditional full moon ceremonial circle.  Instead, I invite you join me in a Zoom call to continue our sisterhood of celebrating the divine feminine and embodying a goddess archetype. If you’ve never used Zoom before, it’s super easy! You can log on from your computer or smart phone. You don’t have to join Zoom to join a meeting, but you may have to download a bit of software or an app.

To join the meeting, just click on this link:  Join Zoom Meeting

Try clicking on it sometime before full moon (like now), to make sure you’re up and running with Zoom. You should get a message that says “waiting for host to start meeting”.

If you have any technical problems let me know before Wednesday.  Looking forward to remotely seeing you all and finishing our wisdom wands together.

Here’s a link to a beautiful video Mother Earth is breathing.

Be well,

Tamara Trejo

Earth Day Zoom Drum Circle

You are invited to Earth Day Drum Circle
via Zoom Wednesday April 22nd. 7:30pm
Dedicated to Healing our Planet

Facilitated by Drum Priestess DiOnne

On this New Moon in Taurus, we will come together via Zoom, to focus healing energy vibrations by way of drumming. Drawn to the wisdom of our ancestors who used the drum as a sacred instrument, We will join together at this critical moment of history to invoke healing for Mother Earth and all Her beings. Come with your prayers and celebration of Mother Earth’s majesty. We will gather from our safe and sacred homes to drum our prayers for healing.

DiOnne will be drawing an animal spirit guide card for Mother Earth, If you want a personalized animal spirit guide card drawn for you, contact DiOnne before Wednesday morning. DiOnne’s email 

If you’ve never used Zoom before, it’s super easy! You can log on from your computer or smart phone. You don’t have to join Zoom to join a meeting, but you may have to download a bit of software or an app.

To join the meeting, just click on this link:  Join Zoom Meeting

Try clicking on it sometime before Earth Day (like now), to make sure you’re up and running with Zoom. You should get a message that says “waiting for host to start meeting”.

Gather your drum, rattle or other rhythm maker and join us On Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd. 7:30pm

Be well.

Tamara Trejo


Zoom Circle

As keepers of the ancient tradition of gathering on full moon to honor the divine feminine, we carried on in a fashion that would have amazed our ancestral grandmothers.

We good world citizens, separately gathered together via Zoom (video conferencing).

full moon zoom 4-20

This was our first ever remote gathering.  We dedicated our ceremony to Maat; Egyptian Goddess of balance and justice.

The fear, sadness, and anxiety from the pandemic is permeating humanity and weighing like boulders on our hearts. To walk through this world with a heavy heart is an injustice, but so is this virus.

Last night we engaged in modern ritual to lighten our hearts and bring balance to our lives, even if it was just for a while.

Before our Zoom gathering, each woman created a personal altar dedicated to healing the world.

Then we wrote about all the heaviness in her heart.  Symbolic of letting go, the pages of sorrow were burned.  Then; time to tune into the Zoom meeting.

I wasn’t sure if we should jump right into circle speak or keep with the tradition of opening ceremony.  The wise Moon Mothers chose to begin with a modified opening  ritual.  The familiar words helped me settle in this foreign way of holding circle.  We were miles apart from each other, but I could feel them settle too.

One of the best ways to balance a heavy heart is through laughter.  This always worked well in past circles, when we dedicated our ceremony to Maat.  I was ready for some giggles. When we got to circle speak (joke time) it wasn’t easy to laugh.  A few chuckles but no deep belly laughs.  Shannan stepped up and led a yoga laughing practice.  That did prime the pump to start the laughing flow. Positive stories of planet healing were told and it brought peace and hope to our circle. In closing, Danielle led us in our traditional closing song.

I look forward to easy belly laughs without the aid of wine, although it is 4 20 all month.

Be well.

Tamara Trejo

Cyber Full Moon Ceremony

You’re invited to a Cyber Full Moon Ceremony

Tuesday April 7th 7pm.

Dedicated to Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of balance.

As good world citizens, we are complying with all efforts to stop the virus by not physically gathering in our traditional full moon ceremony.  Instead, I invite you join me in a Zoom call to continue our sisterhood of celebrating the divine feminine and embodying a goddess archetype.

On this full moon I invite you to set up your personal altar with the intention of balance and healing for the world. If possible put a feather and candle on your altar. 

Our intention is to bring balance into our lives by letting go of our burdens and engaging in humor.

Once you have set up your altar, write down the heaviest burdens you carry at this time. Once you’ve written all your worried heart burdens, burn that piece of paper as a symbol of letting the heaviness go.

Please do this personal part of the ceremony, before our zoom call begins at 7pm.

During our cyber circle speak time, we will each share our favorite joke. 

Maat full moon

Maat, Goddess of justice and balance, hails from the Egyptian pantheon. According to mythology she is the gate-keeper who appears at the end ones life. With an ostrich feather in her hair, she stands sturdy and forthright holding a scale to weigh your heart. If your heart is heavier than the feather you must reincarnate as human to learn the lessons of a balanced life. It’s an injustice to walk through your life with a heavy heart.

If you’ve never used Zoom before, it’s super easy! You can log on from your computer or smart phone. You don’t have to join Zoom to join a meeting, but you may have to download a bit of software or an app.

To join the meeting, just click on this link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/571942075

Try clicking on it sometime before full moon (like now, even), to make sure you’re up and running with Zoom. You should get a message that says “waiting for host to start meeting”.

If you have any technical problems let me know before Tuesday.  Looking forward to seeing you all on our first ever remote gathering.

Best wishes,

Tamara Trejo

Divine Feminine

There was a time when I would have been accused of being a heretic for my work.  My truest calling is to resurrect the belief in Goddess.  Her many names, and miracles almost forgotten for two thousand years.  The “new” patriarchal belief of the divine, buried her legendary power for centuries. The ancient people got it right; when they observed the births of Spring and conceived the idea that it must be the work of Divine Mother Goddess.  Goddess is the fertile seed from which all new creation springs from. 

Long before the “Lord Father God” belief, humans understood God to be Mother. Have you ever witnessed a miracle? You have if you have ever held a new born baby, witnessed a plant sprout from dirt, or had your breath taken away by art.  Creation is a miracle. Be it a baby, art piece, invention, or a business, to create is divine. 

The concept of ONE supreme spirit is a lot to comprehend. Ancient people divided the “ALL” into comprehendible archetypes giving each a different name and power possession.  The belief of Lord Father God in heaven, separates women from the divine by gender and place.  Ladies, I am telling you that God is Goddess inasmuch as your vagina is as vital as man’s penis.   She is not a holy ghost, that lives in heaven, she is you. She is that part of you that goes out into the world and makes a living.  That part of you that relishes the cool river water and soft grass below your bare feet.  That part of you that creates beauty. That part of you that plants hard dormant seeds knowing that beautiful new life will spring fourth.  That all knowing intuitive part that leads you to circles of women.  Have you ever felt serious and anxious and suddenly broke into laughter? That’s your Goddess self reeling you back into balance.  You are Goddess inasmuch as I am Goddess.  There is only one Divine.  We are all Divine, creating & dormant, loving & fighting, thriving & struggling simultaneously, we are One… Every living being is connected by an invisible thread vibrating at high, medium and low frequencies tethered together as ONE. We are feminine and masculine, Goddess and God, human and divine, separated only by domination.  

Below are some images from our Full Moon Ceremony that was dedicated to Ostara Celtic Goddess of Spring.

We have three Spring Equinox Events coming up, visit EVENTS PAGE for details.  Hope you can join us.



Tamara Trejo

March Full Moon Ceremony


You’re invited Women’s Full Moon Ceremony

Dedicated to Ostara, Celtic Goddess of Spring
Monday, March 9th 6:30pm

Please bring a scarf or light piece of fabric for the Spring dance. Everything else will be provided.

In honor of Ostara (Celtic Goddess of fertility and rebirth), we will embody the spirit of Ostara through dance, art and writing.  We will began our dance as a fertile seed, germinating deep within Mother Earth. Then sprout into a swirling array of energy symbolic of our dreams manifested.  Then return to rest and soak in our embodiment.

This new ancient ritual will strengthen your manifesting energy.

Expression of appreciation $20 ~ $50 donation
RSVP by email or text 650-303-5515

Utopia Greenhouse

“Feels like I am standing in front of a fresh blank canvas with clean brushes and every color of fine paint, inspired to create a new work of art. With a large brush stroke, I begin with indigo, the color of intuition; I paint a circle. In this circle, is a life of ease, creativity, abundance and like minded Utopian Women.  The concept is clear, the smaller details will take shape as I walk through the threshold of this new decade.”

I wrote the above statement in my news letter on New Year’s Day.  Now I have walked through the threshold of 2020 and my vague vision is crystalizing into the reality of  Utopia in the Greenhouse.  Last weekend we held a painting class and Spiral Muse Band concert, both events were fantastical.


Technically it’s still winter, but the Greenhouse is blooming with creativity and plans for a lot more soul soothing events.

Here are links for two upcoming circles.

SoulCollage         Spring Equinox Retreat

Hope you can join us.



Tamara Trejo


Batter of My Life

batter of my life

My Spirt is Young and energetic.

My Soul is ancient and infinite.

Spirit, the performer.

Soul, the witness.

Spirit, happy in the doing.

Soul, content in being. 

Spirit, seeks. 

Soul, knows.

Spirit, creates the painting. 

Soul, inspires the image. 

Sprit stands before the blank canvas with paint brush in hand,

Soul informs the right hue and brush stroke.

Spirit writes and writes so many words.

Soul edits to the essence.

Spirit walks onto the dance floor and begins to move.

Soul becomes one with the music with fluid movements.

Spirit cooks a delicious meal.

Soul delights in the smell and taste.

Spirit is swift.

Soul is compassion.

Spirit says, let’s go on an adventure and create something magnificent.

Soul says, we are warm and content, don’t move, just breath.  

Sprit says, let’s have a party and celebrate. 

Soul says, let’s dive deep and meditate.

Spirit says, the colors of the sunrise are so pretty I’ll get my camera.

Soul says, be still, and marvel.

Many years ago, I gave Spirit too much voice; always creating and seeking satisfaction, rarely knowing contentment. 

Seeking satiation I retreated from the world and gave Soul a stronger voice. In that time of “Being” I experienced too many dreams unrealized.

Spirit and Soul hold the same weight; they sit perfectly balanced on the scale of justice.  One feather breath more from either and alignment tips. 

With stable strength they guide me in living a balanced life.  They reside within my body, providing a life force nutritional batter.

When I feel the oneness of both folded together in perfect consistency life is a piece of cake.

By Tamara Trejo

For a New Beginning

In out-of-the-way places of the heart,
Where your thoughts never think to wander,
This beginning has been quietly forming,
Waiting until you were ready to emerge.

For a long time it has watched your desire,
Feeling the emptiness growing inside you,
Noticing how you willed yourself on,
Still unable to leave what you had outgrown.

It watched you play with the seduction of safety
And the gray promises that sameness whispered,
Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent,
Wondered would you always live like this.

Then the delight, when your courage kindled,
And out you stepped onto new ground,
Your eyes young again with energy and dream,
A path of plenitude opening before you.

Though your destination is not yet clear
You can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
That is at one with your life’s desire.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.

By John O’Donohue

2020 New Year

Happy first year of a New Decade.
After a long winter rest, I feel my energy returning. The thought of a new decade feels like I am standing in front of a fresh blank canvas with clean brushes and every color of fine paint, inspired to create a new work of art. With a large brush stroke, I begin with indigo, the color of intuition; I paint a circle. In this circle, is a life of ease, creativity, abundance and like minded Utopian Women.  The concept is clear, the smaller details will take shape as I walk through the threshold of this new decade.

Our first gathering of the new decade will be on full moon, I hope you can join us.

January 2019 New Year Gatherings
Emerging Space Greenhouse
at Moon Mothers Nursery
401 Prospect Way Half Moon Bay

Full Moon Ceremony
Friday January 10th 4:30pm

Spirit~Quest Collage Circle
Saturday January 18th 10:30am ~1pm

You’re invited
Full Moon Ceremony
Friday January 10th 4:30pm


In this gathering, we will enjoy our annual year-in-review slide~show. We will dive deep into manifesting and strengthening our magnetic attraction to our dreams, in this new year of infinite potential.  Bring your journal, drum and two blankets.
Please RSVP email or text 650-303-5515


You’re invited
Spirit~Quest Collage Circle
Saturday January 18th 10:30am ~ 1pm

“What if we’re all meant to do what we secretly dream?
“What would you ask if you knew you could have anything?”
                                                                     Jena Stanfield

To celebrate this new year of infinite potential, we will gather to create a Spirit-Quest Collage. The richness of 2020 will be revealed. Your creation will give voice to vague whisperings and expand them into clear focus. With Sage wisdom, you will intuitively create a treasure map of divine direction. It will be a visual guide to the abundance that is your birthright. This creation will become a power source of faith throughout the year. It will show you where to focus your energy. It will provide confidence to proceed on the path of your dreams with ease and grace through darkness and storms. This Spirit-Quest Collage will hold tomorrow’s gifts that await you.

What magnificence awaits you in 2020?
What will empower you to rise to your highest calling?
What will make your spirit soar?
What actions will best soothe your soul?
What will bring you the most joy?
What new pleasures, adventures and skills will you discover in this new year?

The universe has placed so many new prizes just out of your sight. In this gathering we will listen to the silent megaphone of the Goddess and create a visual looking-glass, a Collage of knowingness.  $40 includes all supplies  RSVP 

2020 is such an excellent number. Perfect vision is 2020.   May your vision for living your best life will be as clear as hindsight.

I look forward to welcoming you in circle at our sacred Emerging Space Greenhouse.


Tamara Trejo


Closing Time

Alone, with hundreds of plants I closed our sacred nursery for the year. In silent ritual I sprinkled tiny grass seeds on the greenhouse lawn giving thanks to the living carpet that has supported so many divine circles this year.  Cutting back the last spent greenery on the hydrangeas and peonies, felt like bathing my babies before putting them to bed. Tucking the wee ones close together to keep them warm and secure from wind and cold I silently said, “time to rest dear little plants.  Thank you for shining so brightly for our guests, you filled our sacred space with oxygen, beauty, and peace.  Your work is done for the year.  Let the limited sun light energy seep into your core and roots to sustain you in this time of rest.”

goddess light

Lightly I stepped outside, closed the outer gate and exhaled deeply as I turned the key to lock.  My work at the Nursery was done for this year.  To tell the truth, being the custodian of that sacred land is a lot of hard physical work and I love it.  Moon Mothers Nursery inspires me to create beauty.  It is a sanctuary for Healing Art teachers to facilitate unique art circles.  It’s home to an elusive garter snake, beautiful red fox and lots of birds.  As I drove home I imagined the animals having a solstice party while the humans are away.

As I write this blog entry I feel a new sense of place, my home.  The place of my comfortable bed, sweet husband and two purring cats.  Like the plants at the nursery I’ll send my energy to my roots as I prepare my home to receive my family and real close friends.  Mindful of the natural slow rhythm of this time of the year, I will rest a lot.

Hope you all do too.


Tamara Trejo

Gratitude Museum

She lived in a Gratitude Museum

Free from normalness

Nurtured by creativity

Bending and stretching everyday

She heard Grandmother’s emphatic whisper, 

“Its time to expand. Open the unexplored door.”

Boldly she stepped through the threshold

Into a land of creative genius.

Clearly seeing with excellent peripheral vision

Knowing in an instant

A power source, of arousing luminescence and sorcery

Elusive mirage, get closer it moves away

Wielding the power of laser focus

Following creative impulses

Sacred geometry, emerged into old world art.

Landscape of the divine.

Gratitude Museum02

Image and Poem by Tamara Trejo

Happy Thanksgiving


Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth

The Vestal Virgins were High Priestesses that kept the flame in the temple of Vesta burning perpetually for a thousand years.  Vestal Virgins were real women who officiated sacred ceremony and holiday rituals. They cared for sacred objects, were the keepers of divine wisdom and secrets of the universe.
In an attempt to convert the world to Christianity and erase all Goddess beliefs, Emperor Theodosius destroyed the Temple of Vesta. He may have destroyed Vesta’s Temple but her Spirit is undying and lives on today.
On this November full moon we Moon Mothers gathered in sacred ceremony to kindle the flame of Vesta through ancient ritual. We embody the sacred wisdom of the Vestal Virgins (Priestesses) and gave credence to creating and maintaining a warm home.
The giving and receiving of hand-crafted gifts opened us to universal abundance. In a silent gratitude, labyrinth walk, our energies homogenize in thankfulness. With grace and ease we danced the Celtic Weave, flowing from leader to follower, we never faltered. In circle, each woman shared her warm wisdom and stoked the flame of Vesta.

The rituals from this powerful gathering prepared us for this dark time of the year. It readied us for our loved ones, who are continually drawn to us for comfort and counsel.  Our warm flame may be blazing logs in a fireplace, a candle or a hot cup of tea.  The shape and size of the flame is not important, what matters is that we create and hold a warm space in our home. A simple place of ease, abundance, thankfulness, warmth and wisdom.
“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”
“Home is the place your soul resides.”
“The hearth is the heart of the home”


Best wishes to you and your cozy home.  We will not gather for full moon ceremony in December.


Tamara Trejo

Full Moon Ceremony

You’re invited, Last Full Moon Ceremony of 2019
Dedicated to Vesta, Goddess of the hearth.
Tuesday November 12th 4:30pm
Emerging Space Greenhouse

Please bring your favorite pome, Words of wisdom, or healing motto for circle speak. Also bring a blanket and dress in layers.

Expression of appreciation $20 ~ $50
Please RSVP email or text 650-303-5515

Still Dark

Except for me, The whole world asleep, even the birds.  Still dark sky, my body awake, eyes open, mind fully conscious.  My Maiden mind says, go back to sleep, you love to sleep, it’s not time to wake.  But my Crone body awake and I like it.  Feeling rested, I heed my body’s instincts and rise from my cozy bed, don my short soft robe and walk barefoot outside.  The patio deck cool on my feet awakens me even more.

Father Sun out of town, taking with him all the colors of green, yellow, and baby blue, giving the normally green trees and plants a rest from the spot light.   The world now purple, indigo, magenta and black.  The sky owning the stage. Towering black trees stand guard like bouncers in a night club.  Mother Moon appearing as a crooked little, silver letter C hanging in the distance. She casts just a sliver of light creating subtle shadows and giving the stars a chance to show themselves. Still water in the distance, reflecting this fantastical exhibition.  A trillion star lights snugglng close together making an irradiance fuchsia fog beginning high in the cashmere sky. Stars look like a white ant farm crawling slower than a snails pace to an unknown place below the deep purple horizon.

“Rise and shine” my mother always said when waking me in the morning.  All my life her words have echoed in my mind upon rising to begin my day. My life has changed, I have changed, My circadian rhythm keeps time differently.  As I witness this dark AM Autumn odyssey,  I wonder has this ever happened before?

The Universe silently whispers, Yes, you have just always been to tired and sleepy from your hard working life to wake up and experience the bewitching darkness.

still dark

Story and Painting By Tamara Trejo


Tamara Trejo


Ancestral SoulCollage Circle

This Saturday October 26th, 10:30am ~ 1pm

We will gather to create SoulCollage® cards

and nurture ourselves.

 Emerging Space Greenhouse

inside Moon Mothers Nursery & Garden Shop

401 Prospect Way Half Moon Bay Harbor


“It’s by honoring and naming each of our parts that we become a new whole”            ~Seena B. Frost

We gather to intuitively create SoulCollage® cards that will reveal the many, powerful parts of ourselves; Cards that speak of our truest soul essences; Cards that speak of our loved ones & ancestor who have influenced our lives; and Cards that speak of our dreams. This process is a way of giving visual credence to who we really are, who we have been and who we will become.

No previous experience necessary. All supplies will be provided. Women only

If you have made SoulCollage® cards in the past, please bring your cards.

You choose offering Sliding Scale $20 ~ $50

RSVP email tamtrejo@pacbell.net or text 650- 303-5515

Looking forward to creating with you.


Tamara Trejo

10 year anniversary

Sunday night was the Moon Mothers ten year anniversary.  I still feel inspired and motivated when preparing for ceremony and know that Divine Feminine Ceremony is relevant and needed in todays world. We began as a nomadic tribe gathering in the forest at the beach and other sacred places. Last year we settled in our new home Emerging Space Greenhouse.  I know that leading women in divine feminine ceremony is my true calling and I will continue this work as long as women keep coming.  This morning I wondered how the Moon Mothers felt about our ceremonies.  

I send out an email and asked; Why do you attend full moon ceremony?  Below are a few of the responses.

I have made new friends.

I have a renewed sense of self.

I am happy.

I have begun painting.

I have started journaling my dreams.

I have tuned into intuition.

I have connected under the full moon with dozens of women with loving hearts and souls.

I have received important messages regarding flow and path.

I now walk with my head held high and light shining bright.

Tried giving henna tattoos. Call me any time, I want to do it more.

Tried blowing a conch. I did not even know what a conch was.

Tried speaking my truth aloud. Still trying. I do not like to talk about the past.

Started a garden. Actually—am addicted to succulents—but that seems like a healthy addiction to me.

Learned about plants—I have a cool plant app on the iPhone that helps ID plants.

Harvested sunflower seeds and created a brand—my son grows sunflowers and harvests and reuses seeds—he created a brand and we have seed packets.

Made a magic wand…and with each wind of the ribbon spoke an affirmation. Wow.

Created a soul collage and watched as it manifested. 

Meditated and met my spirit guide (s).

Meditated and discovered by spirit animals. This was my favorite gathering—it was deeply intense and I could have journeyed a lot more. I went back, jotted down more encounters, and drew pictures.

I am inspired by seeing, hearing, and connecting with the other women. I get a greater sense of self and a sense greater than self. The circle has provided me with many “firsts” and many empowering thoughts to try new and interesting things.

Linda B JOY

I come for the sisterhood and I love that it flows so beautifully. It helps me reconnect to my divine feminine and with all the beautiful women there who are doing the same thing.

Kellie M

To connect with source, myself, and women

Reminder of who I am, some social time with women I don’t see often, often a surprising reflection of my work/beingness

I like learning about the faces of the goddess, and how we can embody the goddess. I like writing letters, etc., and doing symbolic crafts with my hands.

Danielle K

Linda, Kellie and Danielle I truly appreciate your response to my question. lakshmi

I will continue to gather the women on full moon as my ancestral Grandmothers have done for eons.

With deep gratitude for all the women who heed the call to gather in divine feminine circle I honor your Goddess Spirit.



Tamara Trejo

You’re invited Full Moon Ceremony

October Full Moon Ceremony
Dedicated to Lakshmi ~
 Hindu Goddess of Prosperity

(Moon Mothers 10 year anniversary)

Sunday October 13th 6pm


On this night we will embody the abundant light of Lakshmi. We will see our own brilliance through the eyes of others and keenly connect to our soul gifts.

Please bring  two self addressed envelopes, writing tablet, pen and a blanket.

Let me know if you will attend.
email or text 303-5515

Expression of appreciation $20 ~ $50

Hope to see you when the moon is full.

Tamara Trejo


Standing steady on the mountain top at dawn.  My gaze fixed on the eastern horizon patently waiting for daybreak. Slowly tracing my breath from my feet to my crown feeling like a chestnut tree deeply rooted in mother earth.

The tiny bright amber-gold-orange light of the rising sun looking like a half dome on the horizon. Feeling my ancestors standing behind me, balancing me and holding me safe in the moment. Every cell in my body alive with creative impulses I stood still, drinking in the moment.  Sun rising into a full blinding orb perched just above the horizon too bright, my gaze turns upward.  It’s rays shining on clouds appearing like cotton candy dipped in honey hanging in a sparkling ocean blue sky, of slow shifting hues. The infinite possibilities of this auspicious day filling me with subtle joy. The core of my being strong with knowledge of other worlds, I dare not move.

I was witnessing sunrise of the Autumnal Equinox, the moment of planetary balance between light and dark. This natural annual event washed my heart back to infantile innocence. 

The kaleidoscope of color presented by the rising sun gradually turned to a pale white-blue sky.  Silently I stood on the mountain top, tongue resting at the roof of my mouth, lips gently touching, truly satiated in this moment.

Then the brightness of this special new day too much for my eyes.  I turned my face towards the silent valley.

Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, the sound of wings beckoned my attention.  There, at my left shoulder was a pure white dove.  She began a soft Coo-coo  Coo-coo Coo-coo song.  Enthralled I had to join her song, Coo-coo Coo-coo Coo-coo.  Peace, peace, peace.

In that moment the mystery of my life purpose was revealed.

I am merely a catalyst.