About Us


In the small coastal town of Half Moon Bay, California, located about twenty miles south of San Francisco, I lead a circle of women in ceremony every full moon. We call ourselves the Moon Mothers, although many of the women of our circle have never given birth to a baby. They are all creative women who nurture humanity and have given birth to brilliant new ideas and ventures.

Every full moon, we gather  to honor divine feminine Goddesses. Through song, dance, ritual, and mythological stories from around the world, we keep the spirit of the divine feminine alive and growing.

The American women of our time are hungry for divine feminine circles; thirsty for the stories of our ancestors who recognized God as woman. They come for divine feminine communion and to learn the ways of the ancient Goddesses to which they are connected both genetically and historically.

When it comes to invoking the Goddess within, circle-speak is the most powerful of rituals. During each ceremony, I always pose a question asking how we embody the powerful essence of the Goddess being honored that night. The answers are spoken at the end of the ceremony. In our circle, everyone has a voice.

Like our ancestral Grandmothers, we sit in a circle and pass a talking stick (we use a seed pod, given to me by a Mayan shaman from Tulum, Mexico). One by one, each woman speaks her highest truth as she relates her strengths to the Goddess spirit. As the woman holding the talking-stick speaks, I can see the light of the Goddess ignite within her. When she passes the talking stick it’s as though she is passing the beginning end of a rope light, that illuminates the next woman’s voice. Once the talking-stick has made its way around the circle, our tribe is blazing with light.

Our circle is open to all women.  If you would like to attend one of our gatherings, please email to RSPV.

About the Leader


Tamara Trejo

Hi my name is Tamara Trejo, but most people call me Tammy. I live in Half Moon Bay, I am happily married and have of two sons and a granddaughter.

After many years of photographing women and studying Goddess mythology I have found that women possess the attributes of one or more of the infinite Goddesses. My intention is to gather women in circle to empower them to exercise their divine feminine birthright of embodying their Goddess selves. I hope one day you can join us.


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