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batter of my life

My Spirt is Young and energetic.

My Soul is ancient and infinite.

Spirit, the performer.

Soul, the witness.

Spirit, happy in the doing.

Soul, content in being.

Spirit, seeks.

Soul, knows.

Spirit, creates the painting.

Soul, inspires the image.

Sprit stands before the blank canvas with paint brush in hand,

Soul informs the right hue and brush stroke.

Spirit writes and writes so many words.

Soul edits to the essence.

Spirit walks onto the dance floor and begins to move.

Soul becomes one with the music with fluid movements.

Spirit cooks a delicious meal.

Soul delights in the smell and taste.

Spirit is swift.

Soul is compassion.

Spirit says, let’s go on an adventure and create something magnificent.

Soul says, we are warm and content, don’t move, just breath.

Sprit says, let’s have a party and celebrate.

Soul says, let’s dive deep and meditate.

Spirit says, the colors of the sunrise are so pretty I’ll get my camera.

Soul says, be still, and marvel.

Many years ago, I gave Spirit too much voice; always creating and seeking satisfaction, rarely knowing contentment.

Seeking satiation I retreated from the world and gave Soul a stronger voice. In that time of “Being” I experienced too many dreams unrealized.

Spirit and Soul hold the same weight; they sit perfectly balanced on the scale of justice.  One feather breath more from either and alignment tips.

With stable strength they guide me in living a balanced life.  They reside within my body, providing a life force nutritional batter.

When I feel the oneness of both folded together in perfect consistency life is a piece of cake.

By Tamara Trejo

Gratitude Museum

She lived in a Gratitude Museum

Free from normalness

Nurtured by creativity

Bending and stretching everyday

She heard Grandmother’s emphatic whisper,

“Its time to expand. Open the unexplored door.”

Boldly she stepped through the threshold

Into a land of creative genius.

Clearly seeing with excellent peripheral vision

Knowing in an instant

A power source, of arousing luminescence and sorcery

Elusive mirage, get closer it moves away

Wielding the power of laser focus

Following creative impulses

Sacred geometry, emerged into old world art.

Landscape of the divine.

Gratitude Museum02

Image and Poem by Tamara Trejo



Still Dark

Except for me, The whole world asleep, even the birds.  Still dark sky, my body awake, eyes open, mind fully conscious.  My Maiden mind says, go back to sleep, you love to sleep, it’s not time to wake.  But my Crone body awake and I like it.  Feeling rested, I heed my body’s instincts and rise from my cozy bed, don my short soft robe and walk barefoot outside.  The patio deck cool on my feet awakens me even more.

Father Sun out of town, taking with him all the colors of green, yellow, and baby blue, giving the normally green trees and plants a rest from the spot light.   The world now purple, indigo, magenta and black.  The sky owning the stage. Towering black trees stand guard like bouncers in a night club.  Mother Moon appearing as a crooked little, silver letter C hanging in the distance. She casts just a sliver of light creating subtle shadows and giving the stars a chance to show themselves. Still water in the distance, reflecting this fantastical exhibition.  A trillion star lights snugglng close together making an irradiance fuchsia fog beginning high in the cashmere sky. Stars look like a white ant farm crawling slower than a snails pace to an unknown place below the deep purple horizon.

“Rise and shine” my mother always said when waking me in the morning.  All my life her words have echoed in my mind upon rising to begin my day. My life has changed, I have changed, My circadian rhythm keeps time differently.  As I witness this dark AM Autumn odyssey,  I wonder has this ever happened before?

The Universe silently whispers, Yes, you have just always been to tired and sleepy from your hard working life to wake up and experience the bewitching darkness.

still dark

Story and Painting By Tamara Trejo


Tamara Trejo


Standing steady on the mountain top at dawn.  My gaze fixed on the eastern horizon patently waiting for daybreak. Slowly tracing my breath from my feet to my crown feeling like a chestnut tree deeply rooted in mother earth.

The tiny bright amber-gold-orange light of the rising sun looking like a half dome on the horizon. Feeling my ancestors standing behind me, balancing me and holding me safe in the moment. Every cell in my body alive with creative impulses I stood still, drinking in the moment.  Sun rising into a full blinding orb perched just above the horizon too bright, my gaze turns upward.  It’s rays shining on clouds appearing like cotton candy dipped in honey hanging in a sparkling ocean blue sky, of slow shifting hues. The infinite possibilities of this auspicious day filling me with subtle joy. The core of my being strong with knowledge of other worlds, I dare not move.

I was witnessing sunrise of the Autumnal Equinox, the moment of planetary balance between light and dark. This natural annual event washed my heart back to infantile innocence.

The kaleidoscope of color presented by the rising sun gradually turned to a pale white-blue sky.  Silently I stood on the mountain top, tongue resting at the roof of my mouth, lips gently touching, truly satiated in this moment.

Then the brightness of this special new day too much for my eyes.  I turned my face towards the silent valley.

Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, the sound of wings beckoned my attention.  There, at my left shoulder was a pure white dove.  She began a soft Coo-coo  Coo-coo Coo-coo song.  Enthralled I had to join her song, Coo-coo Coo-coo Coo-coo.  Peace, peace, peace.

In that moment the mystery of my life purpose was revealed.

I am merely a catalyst.

Spirit Animal

What!? A slow lumbering elephant, oh no, I am more of an agile gazelle. A white dove, don’t think so, I am fierce like an eagle or a hawk.  Really; a slimy green frog, now your just making fun of me.  I think of myself as a charming butterfly not a warty frog.  That was the dialog in my immature mind, when I started discovering my Spirit animals.

I’ve alway been curious about my animal instincts and had an inkling that specific animals spirits guided my actions.  I began seeking out ways to reveal them.  Through deep Shamanic journey meditations and body printing I asked them to reveal themselves.  When they did my ego got in the way, my first reaction was not welcoming.  Luckily I had some wise teachers to help me understand and accept the powerful attributes of these spirited creatures as my guides.

Finding my totem animal spirit guides, has given me a better understanding of who I truly am.  My spirit animals have been present in my being since birth. This discovery explains my life choices, compulsions and rejections.  It has taught me that I am not in control of everything.  Their powerful attributes has propelled my actions.  When I recognized and understood their innate instincts it made perfect sense in light of my true spirit.

Ella 05

The characteristics of the Elephant, Dove and Frog are intrinsic to my true primal spirit. I am a leader (elephant) who separates the veils between the physical and spiritual world (dove). I am fertile with creative new ideas and fresh perspectives, (frog).

Who are you?


By, Tamara Trejo

Moon Mothers Circle Leader


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