Crone Ceremony

On the first full moon of autumn 2011, we will hold a Crone ceremony, Tuesday October 11th, at Coastal Canyon sacred bluff top.

The beautiful women who are ready to step into their Sage wisdom will be honored as well as the Goddess Pele. In preparation of their coronation, I created their Crone portraits.  The grace, vitality, and radiance of these women took my breath away.

All women who love and honor Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine are welcome to join our circle.

For more information you may call me (650) 303-5515 or email

1 Comments on “Crone Ceremony”

  1. Tami, it was truly a magical experience. You put so much effort into each Moon gathering. I loved lying in a circle , facing the other women to do “Circle Speak” The photo of us, was outstanding. I also was deeply touched by lying on our stomachs and doing circle speak .It was so intimate and special. this is my second comments. Hope this one makes it.Blessing s, High Priestess—

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