A Night to Remember

All the elements came together at the Full Moon Crone ceremony and it was rich, beautiful and magical.  Below is a picture of the coronation ceremony.

Coronation Ceremony


Here’s some words from Amy, she was crowned at the ceremony.

Dragon Crone

What an exhilarating experience.  I am still feeling the continued opening into my Cronehood.  Many thanks to all who gave their love and support to make the ceremony possible.
I thought some more about why my guides would have me introduce all participating in the ceremony to Dragon Energy.  In addition to the little introduction I gave, Dragon is, like Pele, a fire breather.  Initially, one might think of the destructive nature of fire and the potential costs of using such power.  On my walk today, however, I realized that what needs to be destroyed are our limited perceptions of ourselves and others.  Dragon can help dissolve old limiting beliefs, guilt, shame and emotions that contribute to stagnant relationships.  When you think of some situation which vexes you, use your “ha” dragon breath to destroy your mental image of the situation.  You are not destroying anyone, only the image.  Now the relationship, person or situation is free to be recreated based more on truth and present moment reality.
In gratitude for every moment.
Dragon Crone, Amy



Carol Kuiper

I was given the honor of becoming a crone at a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful place overlooking the ocean.  This was my first experience with this group of sisters as I live in  Colorado and I was extremely pleased to see very close ties to the beliefs of my Native  American ancestors.  I want to thank all of the sisters for the honor they have bestowed on  me.

Carol Kuiper

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  1. I am attending a crone ceremony for a beautiful woman, a strong spirit. I was shocked to be invited and honored non-the-less! I started reading more on it and wanted to thank you for sharing!

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