Super Moon 2012

Thank you Jenny for hosting our circle of twenty-seven women in your magical meadow, among the Giant Redwoods.

Jenny blew the conch and her mother Jan, called in the seven direction as we cast our enchanted Super Circle on this Super Moon.  The birthday blessing circle was filled with laughter and heart-felt words as each women spoke to each of the seven Birthday Moon Mothers. Stephanie Oseguera showed up so brightly on her birthday moon.  After receiving best wishes and blessing from the Moon Mothers, she gave us each of us a sweet gift bag, then encircled the other birthday ladies in rose petals as she gave them a special birthday blessing.

We lit the fire, took a comfortable seat, and snuggled in our blankets. As I told the story of Artemis I could feel her spirit resonate throughout our circle.

What do you stand for?  Who do you stand up for?  Who’s shoulders do you stand upon?  When the question was posed, I could see a bit of quandary on some of the faces.  Before answering, Barbara lead us in a meditation. The timber and rhythm of her voice became a lullaby as she lead us deep into ourselves and our connection to All.  As the women slowly rose from the meditation, there was sense of knowingness about them, and their answers were profound.

Meta read a poem by Marianne Williamson, and closed the circle.

The poetic story below was written by Stephanie Oseguera.

A long drive over peaceful winding roads into a soft night-time breeze brings us together in the heart of the magnificent redwood trees, where nature sings her beautiful music. A sky lit with giant and bedazzling stars teases us with the promising mid-night dawn to come, the air full of wildlife and peace and beauty and visions. I think our connection began as we travelled along the road to our destination, through graceful passages sliding down the coast and into the forest on this beautiful evening. Lavish jewell-tone colors amongst the strength and beauty of the old redwood trees call deeply. A small green clearing of soft grass feels warm under our feet, as friendly smiling faces, magnified in wisdom, dignity and grace come together once again on the full moon night.

This month’s super full moon was special, May being the season of the lily, the green powers of the emerald and mischievous power of Gemini. Mother Moon, you have given us your ultimate shining beauty again and welcomed us with warmth and a soft blowing breeze inside this field of giant, wonderful and strong guardian redwoods.We find on this road a circle of women – Divine Moon Mothers – who come together to enjoy ways of being: peaceful meditation, glorious views, energetic movement, dancing spirits and wonderful ambitions. We commune together each lunar cycle to find our joy, believing in and remembering who we are.            by Stephanie Oseguera

Thank you Stephanie for showing up so brightly on your Super Birthday Moon.

Every women who creates anything is a mother.  Every women who nurtures is a mother.  Happy Mothers Day.



P.S.  Here’s an invitation to The signs of Life circle.

For more information or to reserve a place in the circle, contact Meta Orear at or phone 650-430-5244

1 Comments on “Super Moon 2012”

  1. Thanks to all the amazing women, faery folk, ancient Tree Folk, Mother Moon and ALL who participated in this amazing ceremony. It was a blessing to be there!

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