First Full Moon Of Summer 2012

 First Full Moon of Summer 2012

by Susan Dormanen

Susan Dormanen

The Eve of Independence

The Moon Mothers gathered on July 3rd at Stillheart Institute, a spectacular nonprofit center dedicated to healing and personal development where you can come to do a workshop or a personal retreat.

From a verdant lawn on the summit of the Santa Cruz mountains, we called into our circle absent loved ones, including the ladies of Stillheart, Joan, Debbie, Ann and Sue,  feeling the reach of our community expand to all we hold dear.  We sang and blessed those who chose to be born in July, Tamara and Susanne, and Heidi, who celebrated her 50th birthday in June, and delighted us all with her feather dance.

During this first full moon of summer we celebrated the Mayan Moon Goddess Ixchel.  She is depicted as bent and wrinkled to indicate the wisdom of great age; her crown of snakes shows her full enlightenment.  The only goddess recognized by the Mayans, Ixchel is the healer and midwife who guides life’s transitions: the birth of children, boys growing into manhood, women aging into crones.

The circle pondered who we heal or midwife and how.  As darkness fell, each Voice spoke movingly of this sustaining, creative work women do in the world.

By now we all have heard talk that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of time on December 21, 2012.   Wise Meta explained how the Mayan long count calendar shows the imminent end of one cycle, and the beginning of a new cycle of love and wholeness.   Two new Mayan calendars, discovered just this year as we await the end of our current cycle, indicate another 7000 years of time to come.

Tamara reminded us of a recent statement by the Dalai Lama:  “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”   These words reverberated powerfully as we raised our voices to call down the moon.

Susan Dormanen

Do Nothing

By Darla Donovon

Darla Donovon

Do Nothing

What if instead of trying to prevent the end of the world, we followed the Tao: “The Tao does nothing, but leaves nothing undone”.

How much of the world’s problems would be solved if we did not interfere in the natural unfolding of creation? What if no enemies were perceived? What if no government meddled in our lives? What if we were allowed to just “BE”?

Would we then live in harmony with the natural world? And if by just being, not doing, would our true natures naturally change the world? Would the old world dissolve and be replaced by a new world of love, peace, harmony and community just by “being”?

We already know what doing, doing, doing does. Why not give “being” a chance?

Darla Donavon

It was a magical night, thank you Sue and Darla for your beautiful writing.  Love and gratitude to the women of Stillheart for providing your sanctuary for our ceremony.

Here’s link to a short video of our blessing song.

Birthday Ladies

Nancy playing in the pool before the ceremony

Happy Independence Day.

Tamara Trejo

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