Last Full Moon Ceremony of 2012

Sweet Light of the Divine Feminine

Sweet Light of the Divine Feminine

Last Full Moon of 2012 by

Donna Scheifler (Sweet Light of the Divine Feminine)

The Moon Mothers gathered on Fri, Dec 28th, for the last Full Moon Ceremony of 2012, keenly aware that this was a time of endings and beginnings.  Out behind Tammy’s studio, in the cold, crisp winter air, we cast our circle as we called in the women we wanted to have join us, called in the spirits of the seven directions, and blessed each other with fragments of sage (in keeping with the story of Isis and Osiris told below).  We sang and honored those women born in the month of December – Elaine, Kelly and Lisa – and they gifted us with peace, song and sound healing.

From there we processed back inside and recreated our circle in Tammy’s warm and inviting sitting room.  Tammy shared with us the amazing story of Isis, the Goddess of Reincarnation.

Tammy commented that whenever we have an experience of déjà vu it may be an indication of a past life experience or relationship.  Quite possibly, the Moon Mothers of Half Moon Bay have known one another before.  At this time of endings and beginnings – at the end of one year and the beginning of another – we were invited to consider what messages from the past could help us deal with our current life situations.

To prepare for this, Linda Grace got us up and moving … bending & stretching, twisting & turning, grounding & lifting up.  Once we were “in our bodies” we were invited to stretch out on the floor or find a comfortable seat.

Once settled, Meta Orear guided us through a Past Life Meditation.  She reminded us that we create the stories of our present life.  We create the stories of our past lives.  We create the stories of our lives in parallel dimensions.  In each case they are stories.

Whatever was to come up, whatever was to come to our imagination, there was a message for us.  The purpose of looking at past stories is to highlight information in this lifetime.  We were asked to consider:

  • What is it that we have been working with?
  • What are we working with currently?
  • What do we want to take from our past into our future?
  • What do we want to let go of?

With that in mind, we imagined that we were each sitting in our most favorite, most comfortable chair.  As we relaxed deeper into our chair, we realized that chair was our anchor and we that we could float up to any part of the universe that we chose … and come back to it whenever we chose.

We then noticed that we were enclosed in a sphere of blue indigo violet, an orb.  We noted how it felt to be in that beautiful space, in that bubble.  In a wonderful state of relaxation, we began to float on an incredible journey until we landed.  As we looked out from our bubble, we realized that there was a door filled with golden light calling to us.  We got out of our comfortable chair, pushed the door open and stepped out.  We were invited to notice our surroundings and allow the images of our story to develop in our imagination.

We were assured that we would remember the feelings and the images that would develop into a message as we traveled back through time, through space, landing once again back in Tammy’s warm and inviting sitting room.

We were encouraged to remember particularly the feelings that we had, no matter what vision we may have come to and consider how all of that related to present time.

  • What is the message?
  • Is it something you are bringing forward?
  • Is it something you are releasing?

Once we all “arrived” back we had the chance to write about the experience to anchor in the information and make it clearer for us.  It goes without saying that the Circle Speak sharing that followed was deep and profound.

We were all grateful for this chance to be together in such an intimate way at this special time of the year … with all its endings and beginnings.  We released the circle and went back outside to call down the Full Moon that hadn’t quite crested “over the hill”.   Then it was time to party and celebrate those December birthday’s, especially Kellie because it was her birthday. She treated us all to dinner at a lovely restaurant.

By Donna Scheifler

Journal writing before circle speak

Journal writing before circle speak


Thank you Donna Scheifler, for the beautifully written synopsis.  You are a very special woman. I am open and ready for your wise teachings and looking forward to joining your circle at the end of the month.

Below is more information about Donna’s circle.  There is still space available.  Contact her if you are interested in truly blossoming this year.  We may create a coastside carpool to attend this sacred circle.

Your Time to Blossom

Here’s a link to her website. www.yourtime to

Short video from circle speak  Golden Dragon.

Happy New Year hope you all manifest your truest dreams.

See you next full moon.



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