Spring Full Moon Ceremony

Hello Ladies,

We will gather to celebrate Spring.  Hope you can come dance with us.

spring 2013

1 Comments on “Spring Full Moon Ceremony”

  1. I will be there – with guitar! I need a stool – should I bring one or do you have something low to the ground? The boxes you have at the studio would be perfect. Otherwise I can go out and find/buy a low stool. I guess I could sit on the ground, but that’s not how I usually play. I cross my left leg over my right knee. I’m not all that adaptable positionally … .

    Do you want me to play only as part of the birth month give back and/or as part of the dance? I can’t play very LOUD – though the acoustics of the forest might carry my volume. I can probably continually play for about 15 minutes – and then start over if needed.

    This is a bit of a stretch for me – I play magnificently when I am all by myself [LOL]. I have a normal and healthy amount of stage fright – but I am working on changing my thinking from trying to be perfect to trying to serve. So if I goof up I can giggle and move on.

    Thank you for nudging and encouraging!

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