Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett

In January, we planned our gardens and ordered our seeds. We inscribed 100 manifestations — 100 seeds with the potential to sprout and grow into abundant harvests.

Then, in February, we took time to make ourselves beautiful and worthy of our eventual harvest — conspiring with our sisters to become gorgeous and radiant to inspire our crops.

Today we celebrated the coming of Spring and all the potential within and without ourselves.

Ishtar becomes Easter. We wise women can sit back and chuckle with our unique knowing of where this all came from. We can wink and smile when we see the bunnies and colored eggs and know to the core of our being that there is a whole different story behind all these dyed eggs and plastic grass and, yes, even the jelly beans! This is our delicious inside joke!

Ostara also becomes Easter. Ostara — Goddess of Fertility and Spring. How delicious is this? Both our goddesses stealthily created this international phenomenon! We think we are celebrating something else all together (and it is OK if we are!) — but we know that we were the ones who created this!

Our seeds have been germinating and preparing to burst forward as sprouts. We are ready to come out of the dark warm womb and expose ourselves to the light. We reach up to the sun and ask for water. Earth my body — water my blood — air my breath — and fire my spirit!

So now is the time for growth. Sprouts turn to leaves. Leaves turn to flowers. Flowers turn to fruit. Seize this moment! Nurture your body and soul! Tend to your manifests! Make them grow!

by Chris Garrett

Thank you Chris for your beautiful writing.




ostara 03Ostara danceostara02

I planned to hold our circle in the Enchanted Forest and had no plan B… At three o’clock it began to rain, Oy!  I contacted Sharon at Cypress Meadows  (located next to the Enchanted Forest) and asked if we could use her beautiful space. She said  “of course honey, just let me mop the floor for you.”  Wow, she is an angel.  We Moon Mothers are sincerely grateful to Sharon for her kindness.  Cypress Meadows was the perfect space for our circle to welcome Spring.

blue moon invite



Thank you Leah for helping me make the hair bouquets for the ladies and for standing at the entrance of the Enchanted Forest in the rain to direct the Moon Mothers to Cypress Meadows.
We will gather again on the New Moon April 10th at Stillheart Institute on Skyline Blvd. Woodside.  We will once again honor the Goddess Ostara and awaken to the rhythm of Spring.  Here’s the link for more info.
Hope the change of season has strengthened that spring in your step, and all the new blossoming flowers are filling your heart with song.




2 Comments on “Awakening”

  1. Thank you for all the thought, energy, work and love you put into the Moon Mother Circles. I always leave feeling so nurtured. ♥Dina

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