Pink Moon in April

Kellie Morlock

Kellie Morlock

Pink Moon in April, for all the lovely blooms

Perfect place was La Nebbia’s garden-filled space

Beautiful women gathering

Our spirits flying around the ring

Honor the birthdays in April’s realm

Blessings shared did overwhelm

Honoring Maat as the Goddess of fairness

Light as the feathers we wore as a headdress

We wrote down our woes and set them afire

Then cherished our blessings held close to our hearts

Magical dance, the Celtic Weave

With all we gave and then received

Hands held tight through all formations

Over and under around the gyrations

The fire popped and sparked while we all shared

Jokes and riddles to free our cares

Champagne in earthen vessel passed

For communal breaking of the fast

And of course to celebrate

How wonderful we always rate

The sisterhood created each moon

No matter if in her light we swoon

(Due to the nature of the coast, a full moon’s shine we can’t always boast)

One thing we can count on no matter the weather

Circling with Moon Mothers  ALWAYS makes things better!

By Kellie Morlock

april 02 2013april 2013april 01 2013Maat

On the New Moon Friday May 9th, we gather at Stillheart to honor  the Goddess Maat once again.Here’s a link for registration.

New Moon Ceremony.

I’ll leave you with a quote by my mentor Jan Phillips.  “Life is a pleasure, not meant for pain, let go of your troubles ad dance once again.”



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