First Circle of 2014

Holle Chernis

Holle Chernis

1-2014 full moon ceremonyThe circle of women formed as unconditional love and smiles began, we thoughtfully smudged each other with sage. We called in the ancestors and the absent others which grounded the intention for all to be in the moment.

Those born in January, as I was, were asked into the middle of the circle. There were two of us and we held hands as the circle moved around us chanting, “Sha la ma, Sha la ma beta.” Then becoming still, each woman blessed us with their wishes for our coming year. I could feel our hearts opening to receive all the powerful blessings. My birthday sister gave back by sharing her loving words of thanks, appreciation, and gratitude and I chanted a Hawaiian song of love and welcoming.

Birthday Ladies

Birthday Ladies

We moved inside creating a circle, Tamara spoke of the past year, what to keep and bring forth for the best in our 2014.

We were introduced to Donna Schiefler (Sweet Light) who led us in a dance process creating movements of expansion, natural and contraction with music while being aware of the feelings that came up. We used pastel chalk to draw the feelings from our movements, afterwards identifying the lines and colors. We then pondered and wrote down which of those belonged into a physical, emotional or symbolic category.

Donna Scheifler (Sweet Light)

Donna Scheifler
(Sweet Light)

Moon Mothers 1-16-14 004xMoon Mothers 1-16-14 001x copy

It was so simple yet very powerful and for me, transformational. When we were done Donna invited us to share about this process. It was profound and beautiful listening to each other’s experiences.
In closing Tamara shared that in order to be able to help each other; we need to ask for what we want. How empowering it was to be asked to speak our heart’s desire to each other. We watched a beautiful side-show of 2013’s moon ceremonies that Tamara had made. To close the circle, we gathered the balcony to say good night to the moon with the Moon Mothers Gypsy call. There were delicious lemon bars made by Tamara’s father-in-law and also a tray of lovely, petite gifts Irma Mora had brought- just because.

The night was indeed full of many gifts of the moon.

By Holle Chernis

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