Aphrodite Circle

Chris Garrett


Aphrodite … Goddess of Love and Beauty and Pleasure and Sensuality. What could be more brilliant in an intelligent and caring universe than having a feminine deity promoting, endorsing, blessing, even sanctifying self-indulgence?!

But wait … not so selfish. For every receiver of a healing, enriching, or beautifying gift, there is a giver. Thus the assembly of around 30 women at Villa Montara provided the perfect blend of givers and receivers. But here’s the magic … ALL were both givers and receivers. Not all in equal measures, but, as wise women, we were able to make sure that we did not have a binary system … no just providers/clients, no just staff/guests, no just Goddess.

The evening was organized such that those who wanted to serve were given both the opportunity and an exquisite environment in which to do so. Those who needed to receive were given free and unbridled opportunity to do so. No harm, no foul … if you need to be held in our arms, by Goddess, you will be held beyond your wildest dreams. Those who needed a forum in which to both demonstrate and promote their services were given free and unbridled opportunity to do so.

But wait again … our brilliant Moon Mothers of Half Moon Bay Goddess, Tamara Trejo, designed an exquisite activity that ultimately brought every woman back to a common and quite delicious place by the end of the evening. Each of us had an envelope with our name on the front. We carried these envelopes wherever we went and just sort of placed them somewhere near where we were sitting at any given time. We also carried small note pads and pencils. Each time we encountered an envelope, we wrote something down on a small note and slipped it into the envelope. Here’s the magic … what we were challenged to write was a word or two describing our experience of the other woman at the level of the 6th sense. Let me back up … I’ll get back to this.

Sensuality … sight, smell, taste, sound, touch, and then the 6th sense. It boggles my mind to think of how any evening could have better titillated our senses. The minute we walked through the gate to the Villa Montara property, we were bathed in, without a doubt, the most exquisite beauty imaginable … the dramatic Northern California coast, an architectural wonder, and stunning natural relics. The smell of the ocean was electrifying … clean and cold and healthy. The taste was sated with carefully selected treats and beverages … sweet, salty, savory. Sound … oh sweet sound! The ambient sound of the waves breaking against the rocks at the base of the property. The sweet sound of the gentle winds. The sound of the crunch of the rocks below our feet and the oddly spongy grass.


We were also blessed with the stunningly perfect song from Leah than processed us from our opening circle to our den of indulgence …  Thank you, Leah … I love you!

TAM_7606 TAM_7608 TAM_7615 TAM_7621 TAM_7622 TAM_7625 TAM_7631 TAM_7634 TAM_7637

Touch, touch, touch … what can I say? I am home now and writing this BLOG. I have a Henna design on my left hand. I have BLING! in my hair. My arms have been massaged by one of the best hand therapists in the field (Nancy Petty!). I have had a Tarot reading.

I have been touched. I am SO touched!

Now … back to that 6th sense thing. I have to admit that I am at a loss for words on this right now. I really believe (I KNOW) that I am HIGHLY intuitive, but I am struggling to find the link between intuition and 6th sense. I am glad to have had this challenge.

This was a transformational experience for me. I can’t wait for the next Full Moon experience!

All my love to all MMOHMB! (Moon Mothers of Half Moon Bay)


Chris Garrett

Thank you Chrisianna for the wonderful words and for sponsoring the magical venue.  Below are a few more pictures from our lovely Aphrodite gathering.  


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