Ostara Awakening

Dr. Lisa Chu

Dr. Lisa Chu

Goddess Ostara’s arrival on the coastside was already beginning. The bluffs were alive with the impossibly bright colors of wildflowers and the hills were a vibrant green, quenched by winter’s rains. The entryway at ENSO gallery and yoga studio echoed this display of rainbow colors, with skirts, scarves, and fresh spring flower hairpieces for each participant.

Our opening circle took place on the outdoor platform, with the sun lowering behind wispy clouds over the ocean. As each one- or two-word blessing was released into the circle for March “birthday girls” Shirley and Cris, a dome of serenity and light formed around us – an energy field we could feel in our cells.

Shirley offered tokens for each woman. “Hug”, “Love”, and “Dream” were some of the values etched on each small round coin, a treasure we could hold in the palm of our hand.

Cris brought her banjo. She sang her own bluegrass song to Ostara, inspiring foot stomping, clapping, and plenty of laughter.

Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett

We moved inside for the heart of the Ostara ritual – a freestyle dance from seed to flower. Beginning close to the earth, we connected to the stillness and silence at the essence of seed. As the music played long, slow tones, we began to move slowly, exploring sprouts and shoots emerging. As our motions expanded, the music shifted to an exuberant anthem on the power and joy of being woman. Colorful scarves, brightly layered skirts, and the scent of sweet-smelling jasmine spun around the room in pulsations and waves, as women swirled, clapped, sang, and swayed. The final phase of the dance was a return to the earth, a reconnection with the source, and an expression of thanks to Ostara.

March full moon

March 01


In Circle Speak, we each took the opportunity to plant a seed of intention with our voice, by speaking of a dream we wish to nurture into existence. Around the circle, women spoke of dormant manuscripts locked away in drawers, art supplies purchased and left untouched in garages, websites being launched, book ideas being born, life transitions being confronted and new spaces opening up.

In closing, Tammy left us with the potent images of the rabbit and the egg, signs of fertility and carriers of Ostara’s energy of spring renewal.

Mother Moon was creamy and bright, visible just above the hilltops in the clear night sky, open to receive our call to end the evening….and begin a new season of life.

 By Dr. Lisa Chu

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