American Goddess Awakened

Hello Moon Mothers,
Just wanted to share this post from my Coastside Photography studio with you. Knowing that you honor the Goddesses from around the world, it’s nice to know that you are the American Goddess.

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21b crone Born in the great melting pot, we are the American Goddesses.  We are not pedigrees, we are a mixed breed, a tribe of all cultures. Our DNA holds the memory of many matriarchal societies that functioned from the heart.  On a cellular level, we know that honoring the Divine Feminine and returning to a matriarchal civilization will save the world.

Our Grandmothers are from all cultures. Some are Native Americans; others immigrated  from Africa, Europe, China, India and all  the corners of the world. They have handed down their matriarchal culture, their knowledge of herbal medicine, songs, dances, and rituals.  They were deeply connected to Mother Earth, the moon, the seasons, and animals.  They held reverence for the caring of infants, children and the elderly.

It’s amazing that their voices have survived witch hunts, the trail of tears and slavery.  I hear their whispers every time I gather in a circle of…

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