Artemis Full Moon Circle

Barbara Lewicki

Barbara Lewicki

We gathered by the sea at the hour of eight

We knew the moon, though unseen, would rise full and great

The Enchanted Forest was our meeting spot
Though it was July, it was anything but hot

A thick fog obscured the horizon and moon
But we were assured it’d be rising soon

In jackets and hats, all dressed warmly and dryly
“It must be summer!” someone commented wryly

A conch call began our ceremony
Our circle felt solid, warm and homey

We honored each of the four directions
And so began our time of reflection

We called in those who were not present
To join our monthly full moon event

With purple glitter we anointed our foreheads
And sprayed lavender mist (which later scented our beds!)

We danced and sang “Sha la ma, sha la ma beta”
Our voices blended, we sounded great-ah

The three July babies were encircled and blessed
They gave us back poetry and lavender zest

This month we honored the goddess Artemis
Who would’ve felt at home in a forest like this

She was a free spirit, a fearless huntress,
A powerful woman that no man could oppress

Artemis was a midwife. She assisted with
Her twin brother’s birth. (Hey, it can happen in myth!)

Our next activity was a “Birthing Line”
Each woman walked through, one at a time

As she passed by with eyes closed, the other women bestowed
Blessings upon her until she virtually glowed

Next we sat in a circle and shared
For whom we stood, fought, honored and cared

Finally we closed our evening event
But before back through the forest we were sent

A princess cake appeared, as if by magic
(To miss this delight would have truly been tragic!)

We honored Tammy, a goddess if ever there was one
Who makes our monthly meetings both meaningful and fun

We had an impromptu picnic, complete with champagne
The goodies were eaten, the bottle we did drain

There was melon, grapes, cheese, crackers and macaroons poufy
I hope you like this poem, even though it’s a bit goofy…

Like me.

–B. Lewicki





july fm


Thank you Barbara for your wonderful writing and photographs.  Your gifts a greatly appreciated.


Below is a link to a short video from inside the circle, during the Birthday blessing chant.

Sha La Ma Sha La Ma Beta


Wishing you all balance in this time of long days.


Tamara Trejo

Goddess Gallery

1 Comments on “Artemis Full Moon Circle”

  1. Hello there,

    I am a teacher and now mother living in Pacifica, and quietly study the Western Mystery Tradition. I have seen your wonderful full moon rituals and would love to join your community and offer my support in invoking magic on the Coastside. I am not very experienced in ritual but would love to learn!

    Is there a way to meet up with your group, or should I just respond to the full moon events? Those might be infrequent pending childcare and bedtime, but I am interested in attending these as well as any other gatherings your group creates.

    Thanks so much, and I enjoyed the poem!

    Shannon Fern


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