Super Moon

Tamara Trejo

Tamara Trejo

On this balmy night of the Super moon, we gathered at the Maverick’s labyrinth to honor Mawu, the African Earth Goddess. In mindful meditation, we walked the Labyrinth to a steady drum beat lead by Dr.Ginger.


aug 2014

As each woman exited the labyrinth, she picked up a rhythm maker and joined in the twilight beat.  We drummed for peace, we drummed for healing, we drummed for Mother Earth, and we drummed for joy.  The rhythm quickened to a pace that beckoned our voices to spirit.










Like an ocean wave that crests in a spectacular high, then returns to the ocean from which it came, we returned to our circle and laid on our backs for some Earthing.

Resting in the energy we created, our heart beat slowed to the resonance of Mother Earth. The Super moon was shrouded in fog and twilight had turned to night.  The only sound was the fog horn and our heart beat.  Our connection was palpable.

Mawu, Gaia, Terra, Mother Earth; the Goddess of many names.

We connect

Your fiery core, our passion.

Your oceans, our emotions.

Your trees, our knowingness.

Your mountains, our strength.

Your rivers, our creative flow.

We are one.

Returning to a seated position in our candle lit circle, each woman spoke of her favorite season and place on earth.  Kim Acker was the last women to speak and she said, “right here, right now.”

Time to dance; Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, and fire my spirit!

Releasing the circle we called down the moon.

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