Harvest Moon

Mary Baxter

Mary Baxter

Waves crashed a few feet from the circle of Moon Mothers who accepted the invitation to honor the Goddess Vesta, Keeper of the Hearth, on this Harvest moon, the last full Moon of Summer.vesta07

We celebrated around a fire pit laid in the sand, later to be fed with the Wisdom Wands of each Sister, sharing quotes and poetry brought specially to this hearth of hearts.vesta04

There is a rhythm to the rituals that flow through the Moon Mothers as this ever- evolving group of women experiences the realms of the Goddess as directed and interpreted by Tamara Trejo. First we form a circle, this one blessed by a family of dolphins that swam by us and waved as we began to gather. What a beautiful sign.

We purified our energies and the land on which we stood with the ceremonial smudging of sage. Next, holding hands – left hand facing up to receive, the right hand facing down to give – we opened our circle, each inviting loved ones not able to be present for the moment. The four Sisters born in the month of September, all standing right next to each other, completely unplanned, in our larger circle, were celebrated as we sang and circled around them, each of us offering a birthday wish to them, and then receiving their thanks.



The fire rose high, burning the Wisdom Wands as the words poured from the Moon Mothers, sharing what the Goddess Vesta had inspired.




Finally, with the glow of the Moon teasing through the fog, we called down the Moon, released the fullness in our hearts, and carried this beautiful sharing with the Natural World into our own homes, to our own hearths, welcoming what comes next.


 Goddess Vesta the hearth, and keeping the home

By Mary Baxter




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