Aphrodite Full Moon Gathering

Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett

I came home with a beautiful henna tattoo on my right hand, thanks to Leah; a relaxed waxed and massaged left hand, thanks to Nancy; a groovy newish moon image with Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury on my forehead; a lovely loose neck and shoulders thanks to Ingrid; a sensuous connection with my body thanks to Judith! All these gifts were given within the breathtaking grounds of Villa Montara on a particularly awesome evening on the day of the February full moon.


What could be better than celebrating Aphrodite and lavishing ourselves in luxury? We made ourselves beautiful, ready, and worthy for the manifestation of our dreams and ambitions for 2015. This group of two-dozen or more women could not possibly be more beautiful than we were on this enchanted evening.DSC07140

We transformed from our day-to-day routine when Amy led us through our opening ritual.

We stood in the particularly spongy circle just meters up from our mother ocean


as we praised the four directions, the sky, earth, and our own hearts. We called our ancestors, sisters, and other loved ones into the circle.

We celebrated those who chose to be born in February … Jan and Wendy. FullSizeRender


Frankly, I find it pretty amazing to tell others about our experience …


I’m not sure they would believe it. We are really FAR OUT and I LOVE IT!!! Much appreciation and thanks to all the givers. Many thanks from all the receivers. Many thanks to Villa Montara. Many thanks to Amy! We missed you, Tammy, and suspect you missed us even more.


On to March!

Chris Garrett

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