Last full moon of winter 2015

Wendy Sterndale

Wendy Sterndale


With Spring flowers placed in our hair we gathered at


the Optimist Volunteer Youth Camp (OVY) in San Gregorio to dedicate our ceremony to Ostara, the Celtic Goddess of Spring, and to the women born during the month of March.

DSC07419_2DSC07422DSC07432Tamara introduced us to Ostara, “After a long, cold winter, Ostara arrives and graces the earth with the pastel colors of rainbows, spring flowers and green grasses.”

“The mighty Oak sleeps

In the heart of a seed

There are miracles in

you and me.”

Jenna Stanfield

We birthed our individual dreams that we will midwife into life this year. During this past winter, we incubated thoughts that may have entered through each one’s third eye and is now time to manifest with the first spark of spring.

We started our evening at twilight, first lying down in the fetal position in the grass in the final stage of incubation, DSCN3808then danced on the lush lawn. that is also the doorway to gopher homes. The gophers were very polite, allowed us to dance with our scarves on their roof.

DSC07447DSC07455Spring dance

We ended this portion of the gathering back in fetal position or child’s pose. When the dancing was done, we silently went inside to express what we are embodying. We drew lines and shapes using whatever color we chose in the moment. Then, we turned the paper over, and wrote three interpretations of our drawing into prepared columns:

1) physical – what we saw on the page,

2) emotional – what feelings are expressed,

3) symbolic – personal meaning of the images.

We then looked at the words in each of the columns, noticed which ones repeated and while considering the drawing we had made, wrote a message to ourselves.DSCN3810

Lastly, we came together in a circle and each shared our dreams and the wonderful drawings of what we birthed this evening.DSCN3821

By Wendy Sterndale


A big thank you to Erica Crawford and Annette Ward for the lovely photography.

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