Ixchel Returns

Tamara Trejo

Tamara Trejo

On this Beltane moon we gathered at Jennifer Ball’s sacred meadow among the giant Redwoods in Butano Canyon. Upon arrival each woman created a prayer flag that we wove together as a symbol of our connection to the Mayan Medicine Moon Goddess Ixchel. Ixchell

Ixchel01During our traditional opening ceremony we chanted and gave blessing to four lovely ladies who chose to be born in the month of May. They reciprocated by giving us intricately cut sacred stones, fresh tulips, sleek little bags filled with treasures, a soulful song played on a wooden flute and showered us with rose petals. The richness of our circle was palpable.


At twilight, when the veil between the worlds are thin, we moved our circle around the fire-pot. We sat on the ground to connect our bodies to the subtle vibration of Mother Earth and hear the whispers of Ixchel.

The Mayan prophecy is unfolding and we have all chose to be born as women in this shifting time. Softly and slowly our civilization is returning to the feminine ways of the Matriarch.

To connect even deeper with Ixchel and awaken the sleeping kundalini serpent, we settled into a chakra clearing meditation. Laying on our back with our head facing into the circle, we calmed our mind and one by one focused our attention on each of the seven chakaras.  Using our breath to open and clear any blocks, we embodied the healing power of Ixchel. After resting for a few moments in a heighten state of consciousness, we returned to a seated position. Passing the Mayan talking stick (a gift from a Tulum Mayan medicine woman) we took turns speaking our healing truth.Ixchel09Ixchel08

With the fire-pot blazing we returning to our feet to dance, sing and close our sacred circle.

We will gather again June 2nd to honor the Goddess Freya.  Hope you can join us.


Tamara trejo

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