Crone Ceremony

By Nicole Klimper

By Nicole Klimper

DSC00113Moon Mothers had much to celebrate as we gathered on the full moon. In our October tradition, we honor Pele the Goddess of fire, and we honor the wise women who are answering their inner calling to be crowned as Crone. This full moon also marked the 75th gathering of the Moon Mothers. Perched on the Moss Beach bluff-top, sacred Seal Cove stretched out below. Mother Ocean breathed upon us as we marveled at her beauty and filled with gratitude for the blessing of our spectacular seaside setting, perfect for the evening’s circles and pageantry. We commenced casting our circle on the ocean view terrace.
The conch was blown and the women gathered to begin ceremony with a new tradition: the Grandmother Invocation. DSC00122 We sat in circle around flickering flames for Pele, who creates land with volcano and fire. Feared and revered; her transformational presence gives life. The crone has endured her own fiery transformation, gathering invaluable wisdom and sage perspective that it is her gift to the world. Our walking meditation led us up to the ceremonial grounds. DSC00151We created the hand bridge portal through which each crone emerged, crossing over fire and through water to arrive at her beautiful throne. Three maidens in service held out to each new crone a wrapped basket. Each one revealed the uniquely crafted crown created specially for each crone.crone crone02 crone09 crone04 crone05a crone06 Ethereal glow emanated from the faces of the newly crowned as the maidens, mothers and fellow crones shared gifts, honor and wishes. DSC00195 Just as each crone was truly individual, so were the gifts that they gave in return. Sweet treats reminding us to savor life’s sweet moments; Quartz crystal cluster of many different points joined together like our loved ones, each for their unique beauty and importance; sacred hula song and dance to stir our inner fire. We treasure the wisdom and perspective bestowed upon us by the inspiring crones.Crone11 Our ceremony drew to an end and we closed our circle and joyously called down the moon.crone10 The lovely warm abode of Michelle Petagrew, held all the needs for our merry-making. Our celebration was hearty; we filled our bellies with goodies, our hearts with delight and reveled in the amazing energy of our gathering. Thank Goddess for such a magnificent and unforgettable evening! By Nicole Klimper

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