American Shamans

Tamara Trejo

Tamara Trejo

Thank Goddess! The ancient wisdom of old world Shamans has reached America. Their healing practices have been assimilated by some contemporary women in our country. We now have new role models in the healing arts. No longer is the only depiction of Shamans, one of mysterious brown men who live in the rain forest and hold sacred ceremonies.

Most young American girls are told that they are free to become anything they want to be. Until now, young women with a propensity for the healing arts had only western medicine Doctors, Nurses, and Psychiatrists as their role models. In this evolutionary time of rising Goddess energy, the women of America now practice nearly all the healing modalities ever known to womankind.

In the making of American Goddess book, I met a few women who practice shamanism. They are all beautiful women with light hair and light in their eyes. They all have an ease to their walk, quick wit and a quiet sense of knowingness. They use the healing power of Earth medicine and a rhythmic drumbeat to assist the seeker in tapping into their own unique healing vibration. These American Shamans are Angelic conduits to healing one’s own body mind and spirit.

If my Granddaughter is inclined to become a healer, she will have so many more role models in the healing arts. I honor and thank Dr. Ginger, Michelle and Anahata for standing in their truest light in service to art for the American Goddess book.






The above story and images are from American Goddess art book.  Here’s a link to buy your copy NewWorldGoddessStore

This book will make an excellent Christmas gift for all the Goddesses on your list.



Tammy Trejo



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