Christmas full moon

10801699_10152525590818225_3668378191188667262_n In a few hours mother moon will gradually begin to shine from the shadow in her unwavering cycle.  Night by night her mystical light will slowly become brighter, culminating into her full awe-inspiring brilliance on Christmas night. 10682437_10152525593018225_468540560583333836_o In this time of darkness and dreams may you embody the rhythm of mother moon and feel her waxing light. Inhale the potency of this creative season & exhale Goddess inspiration. May you instinctively mirror the flux of season with spacious pauses to nurture yourself with mother kindness.  Steadily day by day becoming fuller and brighter, shining your light into the darkness and bringing comfort and enchantment to your people.  Culminating into your full brilliance on Christmas night to celebrate your home with ritual, song and giving.

Then with moon rhythm, silently and slowly return to your veiled musings.  That place where only you can go to visit your germinating dreams that will sprout into reality in the new year. We Moon Mothers will gather again January 2016.

Best wishes

Tamara Trejo

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