Ostara Goddess of fertile abundance

As the sun set we donned fresh jasmine in our hair and cast our circle during soft twilight. DSCN5683 Our ceremony was dedicated to the Goddess Ostara and the women who choose to be born in the month of March.  Ostar’s spirit of abundance showed up plentifully.  Our birthday blessing was reciprocated by Shirley, Tenaya, and Chrisann, with tangible gifts, of hand painted rocks, brooches, worry dolls, and fresh greeting cards complete with postage stamps for sending to our dear ones. DSCN5690 In honor of Ostara the Celtic Goddess of Spring, rebirth, abundance and fertility, we embodied her spirit through dance, art and writing.  We began our dance as a fertile seed, germinating in Mother Earth. DSCN5704 Then sprouted into a dazzling array of wild flowers. DSCN5728 DSCN5716 DSCN5713Returning to our genesis, we rested… DSCN5733 Satiated from our dance and still in our right mind we began to create oil pastel art from our expressive dance.  Donna prompted us into a  writing flow, that brought words to our art. The results were extraordinary and as varied as all the Spring flowers. DSCN5738 Sharing our art was another layer of Ostara embodiment.DSCN5763 DSCN5770 DSCN5751

Poem By Helen

Poem By Helen

Art by Helen

Art by Helen

DiNucci-Writing-2 copy

Art by Lauren

Art by Lauren

Poem By Kristin/Ajeetdev

I am a Seed

Subterranean water softens my skin

Fire in my Belly



Newly formed leaves strain to separate and catch the wind


Absorbing water, sun

Rapid strength

Upward, Up, Up the spiral


Slumber . . . . Transition.

 We closed our circle with gratitude and song, called down the moon and enjoyed cookies gifted by Shirley.

We will gather again Thursday April 21st.

Happy Easter Ishtar


Tamara Trejo


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