• Love is…
  • Blessed be.
  • Be-you-t-full.
  • Transformation.
  • I send out heart-felt prayers.
  • Make music and plant seeds.
  • I am healed by nature everyday.
  • Allow your inner voice to speak.
  • Evolve, love, give, open, receive.
  • Be yourself; everyone else is taken.
  • Tribe, hope, peace, community, love.
  • Gather the women and save the earth.
  • Ignite passion, spread love, make music.
  • Goddess bless the whole world – no exceptions.
  • Make sacred space and be reminded of who you are.
  • My commitment is to be a feather on the breath of God.
  • Love is never given or taken. Love is discovered and allowed.
  • Smile for a prayer, let the winds blow their own way, at least on this day.
  • Birds ride the wind, they do not fly. Fish do not swim, they are carried by the flowing water.  Everything connects to everything.  Kindness, pay it forward.

The words above are from the prayer flags we created to honor the healing Goddess Ixchel.  Maiden, mother, and crone sat side by side in a mystical meadow. Nestled under a canopy of Redwood trees we wove together our flags to create one healing energy garland. Ixchell03Ixchell04Ixchel05ixchel06

_DSC0227LindaT-1406ixchel 09

On this last full moon of Spring we connected with the healing spirit of Ixchel and Mother Earth’s healing vibration.  At twilight (when the veils between the worlds are thin) we settled into our meditation. Cozy in blankets, we reclined on our backs, listening to Karianne play the angelic harp and sing an original Ixchel lullaby. Our circle became one powerful vessel, healing ourselves, our sisters and the planet. Ixchel01 _DSC0287_DSC0297

Thank you, Jennifer Gray-Ball, for hosting our circle.  Thank you, Linda Theroff, Erica, & Elaine, for the beautiful photography.  Thank you, Shannon Gotchell, for creating a beautiful altar and being a strong sherpa.

We will gather again on Summer solstice/full moon, Monday June 20th.  Details coming soon.


Tamara Trejo


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