Boldness of Freyja

Freyja always commands us to step off our predictable path and choose the excitement of newness.  On this most auspicious full moon-summer solstice night, we dedicated our ceremony to the Goddess Freyja.  In return she gifted us dramatic elements so that we had to reform our traditional circle.  As we began the ritual of casting our circle, mother ocean rose up to greet us with delicate wet kisses on our feet.

Freyja 02 Freyja 04

In compliance with the power of mother ocean and energy of the Nordic Goddess invoked by our circle, we joyfully romped in the frigid ocean.


Familiar with the unpredictable sleeper waves at high tide on a full moon, I knew it wasn’t a good idea to sit in our normal circle spot.  So on this night our circle became a half-moon.  Using the theater style seating that mother ocean had carved into the bluff, our ceremony became an impressive show of brave boldness, complete with a dazzling light show of the setting sun.freyja09One by one, each moon mother fearlessly stood with her back to the rising tide. Raising her voice above the roar of mother ocean she gracefully told the story of her boldness.freyja08 Freyja01The narratives delivered in this cathedral of the elements gave credence to the adventures of the storytellers and inspired the listeners.  There’s a thin line between boldness and foolishness.  If you’re afraid of foolishness you might not ever feel the exhilaration of jumping out of an airplane, or into a cold ocean. To walk the path of Goddess, one must veer off her customary path and risk foolishness.

To all you foolish-risk-taking moon mothers, I honor your boldness, it served you well.

We will gather again on Tuesday, July 19th, in the Enchanted forest, details coming soon.


Tamara Trejo


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