Orange full Moon

This October, the full moon occurred on Half Moon Bay’s Pumpkin Festival weekend.  Good time for me to get out-of-town and hold circle elsewhere.  My dear friend Jewls, invited me to facilitate a full moon ceremony and SoulCollage® circle at her home in Orange, (Southern California).  Thank you Jewl’s for hosting me, and gathering the women in your warm and sensual home.jewls01Our time was very rich with communion, Divine Feminine spirit, ritual and creativity.



Jean Shined Bolden, M.D. writes in her book,  Moving Towards the Millionth Circle, Energizing the Global Women’s movement:  “Moving toward the millionth circle is about heart-centered activism and women’s circle with a heart center.  The metaphoric millionth circle is the tipping point into a post-patriarchal ear, based on the premise that when a critical number of people change their perceptions and behavior, a new era can begin”. 

As I reflect on the Southern California Goddess circle, I feel that I did my part to inspire one more feminine circle that will grow stronger and bring women closer to the tipping point of ushering in this new era of the matriarch.


Thank you ladies of Orange, for showing up so brightly.  Best wishes on continuing to gather in circle, and honor your Divine Feminine spirit.  You are all welcome to visit the Half Moon Bay Moon Mothers full moon ceremony anytime.

The Goddess Festival at herchurch, San Francisco, begins 11-11-2016.         festival schedule

We Moon Mothers of Half Moon Bay, will gather again Monday, November 14th.,  details coming soon.

Enjoy these extending hours of night-time.


Tamara Trejo

Tamara Trejo


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