Sensual Goddess

To embody the spirit of Aphrodite, is to walk through the world with eyes wide open, radiating love and contagious joy. It is to navigate the world through senses so keen that you can smell through your eyes, feel through your ears, and know through touch.  Aphrodite calls us to gather in circle to indulge in sacred sensory ritual of adornment and touch.

Imagine, looking at a photograph or painting so vivid that you could smell it. Imagine, hearing a voice so pure that you feel it all through your body. Imagine, touching an object and knowing all those who have touched it before.  This kind of sensual connection is the powerful mystique of Aphrodite.

On this February full moon, we gathered at Stillpath Retreat Center to dedicate our ceremony to the sensual Goddess Aphrodite. Winter storms had washed out two of the mountain roads and downed power lines. The Moon Mothers took alternative routes up the mountain. Andrea, turned on the generators and we carried on the tradition of honoring our Divine feminine birthright.

In recognition of our inner Aphrodite, we heightened our senses through sensual giving and receiving.  Henna, Reiki, and New vibrational names were just a few of our offerings.

Soul Readings

Soul Readings

Hair Bling

Hair Bling

Hot paraffin hand bath

Hot paraffin hand bath

Sending love and blessing to the people who fix the roads, restore power and live on the mountain.  Thank you Andrea for holding space for us to gather at your sacred property. Thank you linda for the wonderful photography.


Tamara Trejo

Tamara Trejo


We will gather again at Stillpath, on the Vernal Equinox, March 20th, for a full day retreat. Details


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