Sacred Space

For the last seven years, we Moon Mothers have gathered for our August full moon ceremony at the Maverick’s Beach labyrinth. Mawu CroppedLast year it was destroyed, all symmetrically placed rocks had been removed.  When I saw the devastation I was appalled and vowed to rebuild it.  With fire energy, I called upon the Moon Mothers for a labyrinth rebuilding work day.  They showed up in force and we rebuilt the sacred labyrinth on the Maverick’s Beach peninsula. 13934708_10153809589073225_7587178658680387372_nThis year it was destroyed again! What? Who? Why would anyone destroy a symmetrically beautiful, meditation labyrinth? How could anyone not see the sacredness of this labyrinth?  When I saw the destruction, I paused and remembered the words of my teacher, Amy Sullivan, “Why do you choose to swim up Stream?”  This time I was not compelled to rebuild. Perhaps the universe was telling me it’s time for a change of venue.  This year we gathered at a sacred hidden labyrinth created by Lars Howlett.

In keeping with Moon Mothers tradition, we began by calling in the energy of the seven direction with the sound of the conch.  Mother Earth01croppedThe gifts from our summer babies set the tone of calmness.


Deliberately we walked the sacred labyrinth. Keeping rhythm with our drums, we tapped into Earth’s wisdom. It was as if the labyrinth had become the universal mind, placed upon Mother Earth. As we walked, she silently informed, soothed, and satiated our souls.

mother earth02

Ceremony is a practice inasmuch as medicine is a practice, both are healing.  One of the most powerful effects of full moon ceremony is the self discovery, not found in an ordinary scheduled day.  The ability to be the speaker and the witness at the same time is a common occurrence during circle speak.

Mother Earth

To be truly heard by compassionate woman in a sacred space, ushers in a stong connection, both individually and collectively, to the divine feminine.

Until we meet again, walk bare foot, witness the sunrise, and smell the richness of soil.

Sincerely,  Tamara Trejo

6 Comments on “Sacred Space”

  1. To all my Circle Sisters,
    I also felt a difference of deeper strength in our gathering together under this full moon.
    For me, I felt Our thoughts and Spirits grow together as we walked the labyrinth with the beating drum vibration.This echo reached deep in my heart, my soul.
    I welcome my new ability to see myself in all of you, and so I see all of you in me. Our power of these moments infuses me with love, gratitude, and a richness I seek in my life everyday. If we pause for even a moment we’ll see that love is around us.
    Thank you, Susan, for putting words to this feeling I’m having. The expectancy of being safe and experiencing trust within Mother Earth’s womb- I am all of these. We are all of these.
    Thank you, Tamara, for creating this time and space to honor our Divine gifts, our power of wisdom and true love for ourselves, real love for each other.
    Thank you to all my Sisters for sharing this moment, thank you for being you.
    – Sincerely holding on to this feeling….accepting the journey….

  2. Echoes of Quarry Park poem by Kristin Hewett 8-7-17

    We, Moon Mothers, gather together
    Feminine voices softly enter the grove, this sacred stadium
    Protected by Eucalyptus sentinels
    Gentle spirits devotedly guarding the labyrinth circumference.

    Ancestors invited into the circle
    Echoes of those not physically in attendance, present themselves
    Climbing inside the safety of Mothers womb
    Spectators embracing ceremony dedicated to Sister Moon.

    Syncopated drums beat, tambourine percussion’s speak
    Guiding Goddess feet through the stone maze, lost in introspection
    A dream-catcher network of passages
    Mother Earth singing in rounds of soul-deep reverberations.

    Enter the spiral sisters, each turning brings you closer
    The center summons you, a beckoning home to the heart
    Echoes of Quarry Park surround me
    A circle of women unbound… we, Moon Mothers dance.

    Thank you Tammy and fellow Mothers for a lovely experience!

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