November full moon

You’re invited

Full Moon Ceremony Friday, November 3rd, 5:30pm

         Sacred Beach House
Moss Beach


     Dedicated to Lakshmi
      Hindu Goddess of Prosperty.

On this night we will embody the abundant light of Lakshmi. We will see our own brilliance through the eyes of others and keenly connect to our soul gifts.


  Please bring  two self addressed envelopes, writing tablet and pen.

Google maps

  Sacred Beach House

150 Beach Way. Moss Beach

This private home of Michelle Pettigrew, is located directly below the Distillery Restaurant.  Park near the Distillery, walk through the large open gate to the left of the Distillery, walk down driveway hill.  You’ll find us on the west side of the “A” frame home.
Please let me know if you will attend.
 email or text 303-5515
Hope to see you when the moon is full.

Tamara Trejo

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