Mystical Tail

I was born in murky water.  My little tail propelled me through my liquid world. I just moved with the flow of the current. I knew of no other world and was a happy pollywog in my little pond.  Jagged quick movements were impossible in my water home. It never occurred to me to move any faster or slower than the prevailing current of my sublime liquid world.

Then one day, without intention, I began to change.  My tail loosened and fell off, and I simultaneously sprouted legs.  It became impossible to breathe. I was suffocating!  Instinctively I ascended to the surface.  Projected my head out of the water and took the first inhaling breath in my new world.  Without thought or planning, my new legs leaped me out of my little pond.  With excellent peripheral vision I could see all around me.  I knew that I would never be the same.  I had metamorphosed into a new being.

I kind of miss my tail, it helped me swim along blissfully,frog05 but I am inspired by my new legs.  I can leap over most obstacles; With suction cup feet I can climb over vertical barrier.  Although time has changed me into a new being, I stay close to the place I was spawned…

I feel the energy of my frog totem when I am in my garden, think of my younger years or faced with an insurmountable problem.


On this last full moon of 2017, we Moon Mothers, gathered to discover or remember our guiding animal spirits.  In honor of Saraswati, each of us poetically expressed the essence of our personal animal totem.

May your untamed animal spirit inspire your dreams into courageous action.



Tamara Trejo

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