This is who we are

We are called to gather by the ancient sound of the conch trumpet.


With the smoke of burning sage and Palo Santo we cleanse our aura field.

By honoring the seven directions we open ourselves to universal abundance and pure potentiality.

We are a joyful ever-changing tribe of maidens, mothers and sage~crones.


We are woven together by the never-ending golden thread of Goddess love.


Our flow of abundance is made real by the giving and receiving of tangible gifts.


Keeping rhythm with our drums we connect to the natural world and the sound of rain and hail beating on the roof top ignites our excitement.


We connect our soul essence to archetypical images, to strengthen our knowing of self and see clearly who we will become.


By candle light we share and witness our highest self-becoming.


We are the healers, prophets, poets, artists, teachers, students, drummers, dancers, truth seekers, sacred space makers, keepers of ancient Goddess rituals and witnesses to the evolution of divine feminine.

Hope one day you can join us.

Please see our events page for upcoming gatherings.


Tamara Trejo

2 Comments on “This is who we are”

  1. This is a beautiful blog post! I’m so grateful for you and this circle of women. Your fire has forged a strong, connected, and creative legacy. May love surround you in this journey. Love, Holle

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