Aphrodite ~ Sensuality

On this Super Moon, we Moon Mothers dedicated our ceremony to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.  Below are a few images of our sensual gathering and a poem that encapsulates the essence of our divine feminine circle.


I am body

By Anonymous

This morning I woke at dawn, with a smile on my face, giggle in my heart and a feeling of soft sensuality.  The subtle shift of energy created by full moon ritual carries on and on.

We have lots of upcoming gatherings (other than Full Moon Ceremony), please visit our events page.  Hope you can visit with us one day soon.




Tamara Trejo



2 Comments on “Aphrodite ~ Sensuality”

  1. Hi Tamara,I always enjoy seeing and reading what you lovely woman did to celebrate the full moon and the fullness of each other.Dancing. Expressive movement. Flowing divine feminine energy. Lovely.I like the photo of you as you close. Sitting the grass sharing your wisdom and the stories that are meant to last.Sending you much Love and Joy,Susan 

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