Potent Vernal Equinox

Sometimes it takes a rainy day Just to let you know Everything’s gonna

be – all right,  All right.

When you open up your life to the living All things come spilling in on you.

And you’re flowing like a river the Changer and the Changed.

You’ve got to spill some over Spill some over Spill some over. Over all.”

Song By Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson’s song, Waterfall, echoed in my mind as I fell to sleep last night.  It had been such a rich, creative day of ceremony, art and deep sharing.  As I witnessed the creation of beautiful art, listened to powerful stories, and handed tissues for the healing tears, I knew I was in the presence of true modern-day renaissance women.

This auspicious day of the Vernal Equinox & Full moon began with a rain shower.  The sky cleared and we began our creative day by painting larger than life flowers on a 4’x32′ wood canvas.  In honor of Ostara (Celtic Goddess of fertility and rebirth) we gave birth to a Flower Power mural.  This was the priming of the pump to our creative flow.


As the sunset more women arrived to honor this sacred day.


We embodied the spirit of Ostara through dance, art and writing.  We began our dance as a fertile seed, germinating deep within Mother Earth. Then sprouting into a dazzling, swirling array of wild flowers. Then returning to rest.

Satiated from our dance and still in our right mind we began to create oil pastel art from our expressive dance.  Donna Marie prompted us into a writing flow that brought words to our art.

The results were extraordinary and as varied as all the well~watered Spring flowers.

Until we meet again, I hope you let your creativity flow like a waterfall, nurture your sprouting dreams and dance.


Tamara Trejo

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