Radiant Hecate

Dear Goddess Hecate,

To invoking your spirit I walked the meandering labyrinth in meditative prayer. I chanted your name and kept rhythm with my drum. I did feel a shift in my spirit and felt that you gave me the answer I was seeking, but…

Are you real?  Did you hear my summons?  Is it true that you are an invisible Goddess that stands at the crossroads of my difficult life path choices? Do you really hold two torches that light the way for me to glimpse both directions before choosing a path?  Is it true that you are most powerful at sunrise and sunset when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest? Is it true that you hold a powerful crescent shaped sickle that cuts ties to the path not taken to ensure there’s no turning back.  Is it true that you are the Goddess of magic, the way shower and will guide me to the path of my best and truest life purpose? Old Goddess cloaked in a black hooded gown, how can I trust you?  I mean no disrespect but my sometimes my curiosity prevails over my faith.



Truth Quester


Dear Truth Quester,

I am as real as you are. Perhaps I summoned you.  When you come to a crossroad  always take a standing pause, like Mother Earth on the Solstice, it may take time to turn on your axes but you orbit is in perfect alignment. My torch lights are your heart sparks. Quite your intellectual mind and listen to your luminance heart. Your deepest truths are whispers in the liminal state of waking from sleep.  You can only live life forward with confidence, living backwards only brings regret and soul sorrow.  The magic of clairvoyance resides in your indigo third eye just above you brows. You need only to clear the noisy static of the everyday world by way of inward meditation, trace your breath as you walk the labyrinth, sound the rhythm of your heartbeat with the drum; In these mindful rituals you will become a clear conduit of your own intuitive magic.  You are an ancient being.  Your cells contain the DNA of your ancestral Grandmothers and all the divine feminine Goddesses which hold universal wisdom.  Trust your instinctual chimes they are tuned to frequency of the Divine.  I am a mythological archetype that represents your own clairvoyance and inner knowing. My story has been told for eons and will continue on for forever.



Goddess Hecate


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