Utopia Greenhouse

“Feels like I am standing in front of a fresh blank canvas with clean brushes and every color of fine paint, inspired to create a new work of art. With a large brush stroke, I begin with indigo, the color of intuition; I paint a circle. In this circle, is a life of ease, creativity, abundance and like minded Utopian Women.  The concept is clear, the smaller details will take shape as I walk through the threshold of this new decade.”

I wrote the above statement in my news letter on New Year’s Day.  Now I have walked through the threshold of 2020 and my vague vision is crystalizing into the reality of  Utopia in the Greenhouse.  Last weekend we held a painting class and Spiral Muse Band concert, both events were fantastical.


Technically it’s still winter, but the Greenhouse is blooming with creativity and plans for a lot more soul soothing events.

Here are links for two upcoming circles.

SoulCollage         Spring Equinox Retreat

Hope you can join us.



Tamara Trejo


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