Divine Feminine

There was a time when I would have been accused of being a heretic for my work.  My truest calling is to resurrect the belief in Goddess.  Her many names, and miracles almost forgotten for two thousand years.  The “new” patriarchal belief of the divine, buried her legendary power for centuries. The ancient people got it right; when they observed the births of Spring and conceived the idea that it must be the work of Divine Mother Goddess.  Goddess is the fertile seed from which all new creation springs from. 

Long before the “Lord Father God” belief, humans understood God to be Mother. Have you ever witnessed a miracle? You have if you have ever held a new born baby, witnessed a plant sprout from dirt, or had your breath taken away by art.  Creation is a miracle. Be it a baby, art piece, invention, or a business, to create is divine. 

The concept of ONE supreme spirit is a lot to comprehend. Ancient people divided the “ALL” into comprehendible archetypes giving each a different name and power possession.  The belief of Lord Father God in heaven, separates women from the divine by gender and place.  Ladies, I am telling you that God is Goddess inasmuch as your vagina is as vital as man’s penis.   She is not a holy ghost, that lives in heaven, she is you. She is that part of you that goes out into the world and makes a living.  That part of you that relishes the cool river water and soft grass below your bare feet.  That part of you that creates beauty. That part of you that plants hard dormant seeds knowing that beautiful new life will spring fourth.  That all knowing intuitive part that leads you to circles of women.  Have you ever felt serious and anxious and suddenly broke into laughter? That’s your Goddess self reeling you back into balance.  You are Goddess inasmuch as I am Goddess.  There is only one Divine.  We are all Divine, creating & dormant, loving & fighting, thriving & struggling simultaneously, we are One… Every living being is connected by an invisible thread vibrating at high, medium and low frequencies tethered together as ONE. We are feminine and masculine, Goddess and God, human and divine, separated only by domination.  

Below are some images from our Full Moon Ceremony that was dedicated to Ostara Celtic Goddess of Spring.

We have three Spring Equinox Events coming up, visit EVENTS PAGE for details.  Hope you can join us.



Tamara Trejo

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