Wisdom Wands

One of the best things about our Zoom full moon ceremony is that Moon Mothers from hundreds of miles away, were able to join us.  

It was a wonderful surprise when Heather logged in from Maine.  She moved away a few years ago and we missed her dearly.  She was sitting outside, lit by candle and moon light.  We began out gathering at 7:30pm pacific time, a half hour before sunset and the moon was still below the horizon.  It was 10:30pm on the East Coast.  She panned the camera to show us mother moon in all her super full moon brilliance.  It was a lovely little time travel.

On this night we dedicated our ceremony to the Goddess Ixchell, Mayan Medicine woman.  read more about Ixchell  Our healing medicine work had begun days before our full moon cyber circle;  When each Moon Mother foraged for the perfect stick, branch or root for the armature of her Wisdom Wand. I love how our creative tribe thinks out of the box.  Caroline chose a root and Shannan choose a sinuous willow branch.  The invocation fabrics were just as creative, Heather used pieces of her wedding dress and Lorna used pieces of her hippy blouse from the 1970s, Danielle used flower vines from her sacred garden and Kimberly ( who doesn’t live on the coast) used seashells from her visit to Half Moon Bay.

During our time together we finished our wands. We wound our armatures with fabric and string as we recited healing words, that raised our collective energy and sent a message of well being to the universal mind.  We all spoke at the same time creating a cacophony of healing sound.  Interesting how one voice would rise with clear strength and then fade back into the many, then another would ring with clarity.  Our unrehearsed words wove together into a symphony of the highest vibration of a healed planet, gratitude and personal power.  Our voices rang out, on line, across the planet and into the universal Goddess field.

Our wands hold the power of intention, created in high personal and collective vibrational energy.  Below are a few pictures of the Wisdom Wand Talismans we created. 

Below is a video of our closing song, sung by Danielle Kane.

We Moon Mothers will always find a way to gather and celebrate the divine feminine.

If your inclined to create your own wisdom wand here’s a link to an instructional video I created.  Wisdom Wand video

Be well


Tamara Trejo

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