Hecate Time

Cloaked in a long black hooded cape and holding a crescent moon shaped sickle, she is to be revered, not feared or confused with the Grim Reaper.  Hecate, the dark Goddess of wisdom and intuition, is a way shower. She stands silently at the crossroads of life, holding two torches to light both directions, to assist one in seeing through illusions and proceed down the right path.  Her spirit is strongest at midnight and twilight, when the veil between the worlds are the thinnest.  She stood at the gate of Hades, alerting Persephone’s mother of her whereabouts.  She is a helper and will assist all that call upon her.

After sheltering in place for two full moons and gathering remotely via Zoom, I felt a strong desire to gather the women in person for the June full moon ceremony.  I had a feeling of boldness and fear.  My intuition informed me that it would be alright.  As circle leader, I needed to be cautious and gathering in person might be reckless.  At this crossroads decision time, my intuitive spirit of Hecate informed me it was time to reunite the women in person.  I send out the invitation with cautionary guidelines.

On the full moon, the helpers showed up.  Unannounced, Ginni (Fire Goddess) showed up early to create a strong fire. Kellie showed up to lead the drum rhythm and Hecate invoking chant.  Five other brave ladies arrived and we cast our divine circle.  Heeding scientific health guidelines we gathered outside, wore masks, held silk scarves to connect our circle and there was plenty of hand sanitizer.  Adding this foreign health protocol we proceeded down the path of traditional Moon Mother ceremony ritual.  As we walked the labyrinth, chanting the Hecate invocation to a steady drum beat we found clarity in this historic crucial decision time.

Be well and enjoy summer.



Tamara Trejo


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