Summer Solstice Stillness

If you’ve felt a slowing of energy in the last few days, it’s perfectly natural. Sensitive souls feel Mother Earth’s Solstice pause, as she slowly turns on her axis to begin the  journey to Winter Solstice.

Summer Solstice 2020 was widely observed on Saturday June 20th, but in actuality, the Solstice pause began Friday June 19th and lasted for 4 days. Today was the first day we’ve experienced one less minute of daylight.

On Saturday, in celebration of the official Summer Solstice, I converted the nursery greenhouse into a prayer~flag art studio. The first two people to arrive were young men. This was the first time I’ve ever accepted the masculine into a Moon Mothers event. It was beautiful! I loved witnessing the divine masculine stitch gratitude and healing intentions into their prayer flag creations.

Over the last few days, I have not been compelled to do my normal busy plant care at the nursery. I can’t help but simply bask in the incredible silent beauty of the bright summer flower blossoms and healthy green leaves. In those still moments of communing with the plants… I feel true contentment in knowing that I’m in alignment with the rhythm of Mother Earth.



Tamara Trejo





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