Hello Ladies,

I have a three questions for you.  What do you stand for?  Who do you standup for?  Who’s shoulders do you stand upon? Good questions to ponder this Independence Day Full Moon. In circle we’ve honestly answered these questions out loud many times and our personal answers change from year to year as we grow and change. Being witnessed as we speak our truths is so powerful, it brings strength to our personal knowingness and convictions to our action.

We will not gather on July 4th full moon, but your voice can still be heard by a broader audience.  I’ll post your answers on our blog along with your picture.  Now more than ever it’s time for us to show up with a fiercely peaceful messages of the divine feminine.

Your input is very important to me and will strengthen our tribe. Here’s a link for your response email 

Sonya Jason is hosting a Zoom full moon ceremony, Saturday July 4th. 5:30pm to 7pm

Take good care of yourself.


Tamara Trejo

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