In celebration of Independence Day I posed 3 questions to the Moon Mothers.  What do you stand for?  Who do you stand up for? Whose shoulders do you stand upon?  Five brave woman chose to step up and make their answers public.

American Goddess 01

Anne Turley

What do I stand for?  Truth.  I am a spiritual warrior for truth.

Who do you stand up for?  Women and people of color.  Until all are free, none are free.

Whose shoulders do you stand upon?  Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Tamara Trejo, Julia Tindall, Peter McKenna, Louisa Frost, Sallie Knerr, Cherrie Cooper, Lisa Cooper, Robyn Hamilton, Jan King, George Merkert.
That is a long list, I know.  These people have given me vision, courage, forgiveness, welcome, support and adventure.  Without several of them, I would not be alive.  Without others, I wouldn’t understand.  All of them have brought greater love into my life.


Linda B Joy

Linda B Joy

I find myself with opportunities to standup and examine my truth and some times I don’t even know what my truth is.

I stand for love and happiness, but that sounds trite and cliche. There is so much more I could do. Becoming aware of my own unconscious bias seems a small step.

If I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors, I would be upholding ignorance. The seeds of change are rooted in my children; they teach me so much about injustices and why it matters. I stand for peace and equality.



Shannan Gotchall

I stand for giving space for others to embrace and explore their true self. I stand for empowering people of all ages to be their authentic self. I stand for children learning to be part of their Village. I stand for the Golden Rule.

Who do I stand for? Animals and children. That child that is bullied or pressured by their peer because they’re different and unique. Teaching and modeling how to stand up for each other, creatures and animals of all sizes. Teaching young ones to care for all living things. I stand up for Mother Earth.
Whose shoulders do I stand upon? My mentors shoulders have held me up. Friends and former bosses have witnessed my growth in life along with my career and shown me how to empower others. The new teachers who are learning their own style. My mentors have each created space for me to do what I do, shine brightly. They modeled how to shine as my authentic self and to trust that most people are doing their best.



I stand for all my family members, my heritage and our traditions & values which must be carried-on as our bloodline continues.

I stand up for those that need to understand their inherent value is equal to all others.  No matter size, shape, race, sex or color you come into this world with, you are valuable and important.

“Within the Ocean there are countless Individual waves.  These waves rise & fall all the time, day in and day out.  While each wave is unique in many ways from the others they all arise from the same ocean.  They are all unique, beautiful & they are each equal in value to the others”

I stand upon the shoulders of: •my dear & close Friends who provide me with alternative view points, offer insights and show that they value my opinions and feelings. •my parents who I believe did a hell of a good job raising me and have become invaluable as they continue to hold a safe space allowing me to share and bare my soul without concern of any Ridicule or closed minded negative Reaction.


Tamara Trejo

I stand for Mother Earth; Protecting our ground water and oceans from pollution,  creating natural sacred space and the resurrection of the divine feminine Goddess.


I stand up for Workers; independent small farmers, young entrepreneurs, small local businesses and artists making their way in the world.  I do this by providing space for them to sell their products and purchasing their wares.

I stand upon the shoulders of Grant Walters.  No one has ever in my life treated me nicer than he does.  I also stand upon the shoulders of my brave great~grandmother Nora Selston.  She was eight months pregnant when she embarked on a sea voyage to America to make a better life for her family.  She gave birth to my grandmother on the ship in route to the new land.  I never met her, but her fierce DNA resides in me.

It’s always good to know where you stand.

Tamara Trejo

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