August Full Moon

mawu 2020

Due to the Corona virus, we will not gather for full Moon Ceremony this August. Connecting to Mawu is impossible via Zoom.  Instead, I invite you to create your own personal ceremony to connect with the living Goddess that goes by many names; Gaia, Terra, Mawu, Mother Earth.  We will be energetically tethered together as we engage in personal ritual.  Below is a suggested ritual sequence but feel free to honor Mother in any way that feels comfortable to you.

The full moon is Monday, August 3rd at 8:58am  Moon Mothers tradition is to begin ceremony shortly before sunset on the day of the full moon;  sunset time that day is 8:16pm.

Create a sacred space for yourself outside; close to Mother Earth.  Bring everything you need to be comfortable in your ceremonial space; blankets, sage or incense, candle, headlight, writing journal, water.

Clear your sacred space by burning sage, turn your attention and body to feel the energy of the 7 directions. Silently call in your ancestors and guides to be with you in this time of solitary ceremony as you honor and connect with the living goddess Mother Earth.

Lay yourself down on Mother Earth, get comfortable with blankets and pillow, close your eyes and turn your attention to your breath.  Feel your connection to Mother through your back body and begin to slowly trace your breath from your feet to your crown.  If your mind starts to wonder return to your full body breath, deepening your connection to Mother.  In your minds eye, see your invisible roots from your back body extending down into Mother Earth as you connect to her subtle healing vibration. Notice any body sensations or images that come to you. Stay in this position as long as it feels comfortable.

Slowly turn onto your left side, stretch and return to your full body breath. Visualize your side body roots growing down into Mother Earth.  Ask Mother any questions.  

When you are ready, turn onto your tummy and let your heart connect with Mother Goddess Earth.  Feel your heart beat with hers, breath, notice and feel.  

When you are ready, turn onto your right side, stretch, then snuggle into the fetal position. Rest as long as you need before slowly returning to a sitting position.

While still in this grounded state begin a stream of consciousness writing.  Don’t worry about spelling punctuation , etc., just let your words flow onto the paper.  

Close your solo ceremony by releasing the ancestors and guides you called to be with you.  

Call down the moon.

Will you share your experience with us on our blog?  It is way of being heard and inspire others.  Kind of like in circle speak, but a larger audience.  Even if you created your own Mother Earth ritual we still want to hear about your experience? How do you honor and connect with Goddess Mother Earth?

Just email your writing along with a portrait of yourself.  Writing should be less than three hundred words.  I’ll publish the submissions two days after full moon.

Take good care of yourself,


Tamara Trejo

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