August full moon, I sent an invitation to a solitary personal ceremony, connecting with the living Goddess, Mother Earth. Invitation link  

Below are the experiences of three women who at the same time separately connected deeply to the Mother of us all.


Linda B Joy

I very much missed the energy of the circle gathering and routine of ritual but did my best to persevere.

Goddess Terra had a message for me:

My breathing is in sync with the tides of the ocean, the waves lapping toward shore

In and out ~ In and out

Cradled in warmth, a loving embrace from Mother

I feel mist. I smell candle wax. I hear the buzzing of the powerlines and the hum of the planet. The creak of a tree.

Mother will you see us through the COVID?

Are you healing as we dry up like a shriveled leaf and return to dirt?

What message do you have for me Goddess Terra?

Feel how you are less stressed? How simplifying and slowing down your life pace has you reconnected and appreciative of life. This life is a way for your soul to experience living. Let go of stress. Be joy. Have joy. Experience joy and abundance through your connection and experience with me (nature).

Thank you living Goddess Mother Earth

Linda B Joy




I connect to the earth and feel the all-encompassing compassion.

The age of the earth, so apparent in the granite boulders that surround me.

Her ancient wisdom beckons me and I open myself in awe.

The energy flows and I feel myself melting into the boulder that I rest upon.

Our molecular structures merge and I become aware of the vast spaces that make up our atoms.

I ask her about my future, and her loving voice tells me that though there are challenges,

with her strength and love flowing through me, I too can be strong and loving.

I too can be compassionate.

kelly H

Kelly H

There is nothing like the pure blissfulness of being soothed by the love of our greatest mother.

I cherish being healed of worry by the wonderful magic of her nourishing sunlight.  I Joyfully celebrate the chirping sounds of birds singing as they dance in her sky.  I respect the earth scent that tickles my nose as her sweet-smelling fragrances wash over me.  I thirst fully drink up the abundance of her calming beauty that envelopes my being.  I can always turn up to her for a divine faithful source of inspiration and creativity.  She nurtures me without fail.  Her passionate energy rises thru me as I reawaken.  My deep breathes slowly mirror her deep truths inside the ground, the sky and me, as I heal.

Beautiful ladies, thank you for sharing your experience.

I wonder if the Moon Mothers tribe will feel safe gathering at the beach for Harvest Moon September 1st.?  Drop me an email to let me know your feelings about gathering at the beach.  email

Stay safe.



Tamara Trejo



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