Full Moon Yoga

Hello Moon Mothers,

The other day, I witnessed goose bumps and eyes filled with tears after Karin’s question was answered.  We sat to begin our yoga practice, Karin raised her hand and asked if we really needed to wear masks.  I saw Young Wise One Jessica hesitate, so I replied, is there anyone here who has not been vaccinated.  It was a resounding NO. Everyone had been vaccinated so off with the masks.  Oh it felt so good to practice yoga on the lawn without a mask.

Next Wednesday May 26th is full moon.  We will not gather for ceremony but I invite you to join us for yoga in the Greenhouse 11am. 

Yoga in the Greenhouse
Mindful Gentle Stretch
with Jessica Archer
Wednesdays 11am – 12:30am

“Jessica (Young Wise One) is the best yoga instructor I have ever experienced.  You will leave class feeling refreshed, lighter, stronger, more limber, and enlightened.” Tamara Trejo

Cost $30   please RSVP   or text 650-303-5515    Pay on line link

That’s me standing on my head with Jessica’s assistance.  It’s not part of our normal practice but it was thrilling. Wednesday’s Full Moon Yoga will be a treat for your body and soul.  Hope you can join us. 

Pop~Up Shop
Alicia Vargas of Sunari Lifestyle
Saturday May 29th 10:00AM ~ 4:00PM 

Take good care of yourself, get vaccinated.
See you soon,


Tamara Trejo

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