Me Day

The other day I shunned my home, family and business responsibilities for a “Me Day“.  On that day, my attention was centered on self care.  I had a pedicure, massage, and shopped for personal essentials.  Then I stretched out on the lawn, relaxed and meditated.  That day I catered to my needs only.  A day of personal care put a giggle in my attitude and filled my energy reservoir. We all need a little “Me time” to clear any blocked energy and recharge so that we can be of good service in the world.

This week we have three “Me Time” events planned.  Hope you can take some self-nurturing time, to make your soul take flight and spirit fly.

Me Time Gatherings

Wednesday’s beginning August 18th Yoga in the Greenhouse 
Saturday August 21st Vision Quest
Sunday August 22nd Full Moon Ceremony

These gathering are open to all vaccinated women

Details Below 

 First class free to new students. RSVP text 650-303-5515 or email

RSVP email

By way of modern-ancient ritual we will strengthen the teacher-protector part of our selves. RSVP email or text 650-303-5515  

Hope to see you soon.
Take good care of yourself,
get vaccinated.

Tamara Trejo

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