Artemis Transformation

Sister Twin,

Born of the Gods,

Gifted athlete, midwife, unerring archer, competitive, yet vain.

Tricked by her twin brother Apollo into killing her only true love Orion,

She was transformed.

Broken hearted, in a deep state of mourning,

She left her family and journeyed into the wilderness,

Amongst the tender embrace of the trees, 

She lost her selfish competitive vanity and surrendered her ego,

Under the canopy she found empathy and ease,

A deeply rooted connection to her new family of feminine wood nymphs.

On clear nights she would lay on her back, gaze at the night sky, and connect with her true love Orion, who she had transformed into a star constellation.


Forever a maiden, 

Protector of the weak, 

Wisdom of the crone.

full moon ceremony 8-22-2021 dedicated to Artemis

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