2022 Year of infinite Potential

Hello Ladies, Happy New Year.

At first light, I woke with enthusiasm to engage in my New Year’s Day ritual. I retrieved a big bag of tulip bulbs from the bottom drawer of refrigerator and headed to the Nursery.  The Nursery still closed to the public for winter rest, gave me alone time to engage in Spirit Planting.  

On this sunny warm morning, I poured the bag of plump tulip bulbs on my work table and felt excited for the pure potentiality of the New Year. Filled with gratitude as I filled each terra-cotta pot with rich soil.  With each healthy embryonic tulip I tucked in, I whispered the name of each person in my life and sent wishes and positive energy for their well being.  Yes, you were all included, individually or collectively.  Quietly I gave thanks to the universe for all that I have and for all goodness coming in 2022.

Once all the pots were completed, I carried the bag of flower potential to the edge of the nursery and continued planting seeds of hope. I became more sensitive to each bulb with a heightened awareness of its life energy. The gratitude and well wishes I sent out began to boomerang back and fill me with a deep sense of contentment and a profound knowing.

This harbor land on Prospect Way grows much more than plants.  It’s a place for dreams to sprout into action, contentment of art to be felt and created, a place for your inner child to be barefoot on the lawn and deeply inhabit your body.  This is where earth wisdom resides.  It’s my job to care for this safe harbor nursery and provide you with space to connect with your best self. 

We will reopen the Nursery to the public on Saturday January 15th. Our first gathering will be Spirit~Quest Collage Circle on Saturday January 22nd 10:30am to 1pm. Women’s Yoga in the Greenhouse will resume on Wednesday Jan 26th. Hope you can attend.  Details below.

I’ve practiced this New Year Ritual for years and by way of imagery I’ve intuitively manifested Moon Mothers Nursery and much more.  I am excited to share this yearly custom with you.

Space is limited for this small gathering,
please RSVP LINK soon to reserve your spot.

First class free Please RSVP email or text 650-303-5515

Happy New Year It’s going to be a good one.

Tamara Trejo

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