On this first new moon of the year, I can feel the potency of this week.  Chinese New Year, Imbolc, and Ground Hogs day all occur in the next few days.  At this midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, earth energy is rising in all living beings. 

Yesterday, we Moon Mothers began our

celebration of this auspicious week with

an intimate drum circle in the Greenhouse. 

Drum Priestess DiOnne

May your spirit be filled with celebratory energy this week.  

February Offerings 

This spacious class is limited to 8 women. 
Please RSVP soon to reserve your spot.
email or text 650-303-5515

RSVP email or text (650) 303-5515

Save the date details coming soon

Full Moon Ceremony Friday March 18th 7pm at the Nursery

Vernal Equinox Festival Sunday March 20th 10am ~ 4pm

I am excited by the coming of spring

Tamara Trejo

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